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My left highbeam doesnt work and the right only stays on for

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My left highbeam doesn't work and the right only stays on for a few seconds. I replaced both bulbs, switched ballast to see if the issue would follow from right to left, still the same. No left side high beam, right comes on for a few seconds and then is off. Any suggestions?
Hello ,
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You seem to have begun a good diagnosis. Now if you have a scan tool you can check to see if any faults are logged in the 09 electrical control module. Please check as this is the next step in the diagnosis and list the logged faults here, if any.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I dont't have a scan tool, I will have to have this scan for faults done at a local mechanic shop. Once this is complete, will the resulting codes allow me to reset or fix this issue?
the logged faults will allow further diagnosis procedures leading the diagnostician in the correct direction depending on the the fault number. There are several different ways that the logged fault can lead the rest of the diagnosis.
You may go to pepboys, autzone or somewhere similar near your location where they can scan the systems for you and list the faults and the numbers here and I can help further.

An electrical system has major processes, 1. open 2. short and from there wiring and components will need to be tested and eliminated until the failed component is found.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My issue still exists, there were no codes on the scan at all. The lights will go out immediately or will work all the time when used on high beam.