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audi a4 quattro: 2002 audi a4 quattro 3.0 camshaft center bolts

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2002 audi a4 quattro 3.0 camshaft center bolts torque? alldata and everywhere else i look says 100Nm. this has to be torque + angle to hold this gear to the shaft, there's no keyway its all held by pressure aplied by the center bolt.

thank you; bob

Eurocar Inc : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Quality research = Quality answer!!I need your vin # XXXXX get the correct specs
Eurocar Inc : Thanks

WAULT68E02A151843 sorry for the slow responce i was switching parts from one engine to the next

Eurocar Inc : These bolts remain loose until
Eurocar Inc : timing belt is installed
Eurocar Inc : special tools are definitely needed to set the cams correctly or damage will
Eurocar Inc : happen
Eurocar Inc : Do you have the special tools ?

yes i have the two cam holders, crankshaft lock pin, and exhaust gear socket.


the crank pin is holding crankshaft at #3 cylinder tdc, the two camshaft holders only go on the camshafts one way, i've turned the plates inside the exhaust cam gears fully clockwise, torqued the center bolts to 100 Nm, and checked that with three different torque wrenches. the first time i did that i didn't even get a half turn on the crankshaft an at least one of the cams i could see stopped turning.

Eurocar Inc : The cam shaft bolts are 100 nm
Eurocar Inc : There is no after degree turn on the bolt
Eurocar Inc : Are you using new bolts? Always new bolts if they are loosened

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX wasting your time, it just seemed to little for a gear turning that fast that isn't keyed.


again thankyou for you time

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