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Audi s7: I have a 2013 S7 Yesterday started the engine and

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I have a 2013 S7 Yesterday started the engine and my coolant system warning light came on.I noticed a large amount of coolant on the garage floor so I had it towed tp Audi The mechanic there said I had a leak in the radiator probably due to a rock being kicked up on the highway.I recal lno such event.I had a 2010 S5 with a similar problem that required having the water pump replaced.Any thoughts about this?
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you today.

Normally when a rock, (or any small object) is thrown up and hits the underbody or radiator you won't hear it, (or see it) while driving the vehicle. That is a more likely situation than a water pump leak on a new(er) car.

Fairly easy to be sure when the sytem is pressure tested and you can atually see the leak and I see why they would assume the radiator unless they see it leaking.

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