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Audi A8 Quattro L: looking to buy a 2-owner a8 from an acura

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looking to buy a 2-owner a8 from an acura dealer. no service book in the glovebox and no service reports on carfax.

could someone with access to the audiusa database kindly check this vin for regular service as well as any recurring repairs



Eurocar Inc : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Let me see what's with this service history
Eurocar Inc : This will take an hr or so.

thanks for that

Eurocar Inc : Ok. I have history up to 61k. Only 2 maintenence services were done. 15 and 35 k and no dealer repair from 07 to 2011. In 2011 recall for ignition coils
Eurocar Inc : Some repairs but nothing major
Eurocar Inc : Anything else?

Cool, thanks. Looks like a corporate car, no one in their right mind would go 20k between free oil changes.


You saved me a headache I imagine. Well done.

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