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Audi A6: My timing belt broke requiring an engine replacement

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My timing belt broke requiring an engine replacement around March/April. I've driven about 2000 miles since then. I want to sell my A6. How much extra over "blue book" can I reasonably ask? It's a new Audi engine, not a junk yard find.


Hello, my name isXXXXX appreciate you taking the time to ask a question about your car. Before I can give you a ball park estimate can you tell me the zip code for where you live? The reason why I ask is because it does make a difference.

Customer: 20191

Thank you for getting back to me. To be honest with you you can ask more for the car, and you will probably get more, but not what you paid for the engine. You need to keep in mind that you took a vehicle with a blown engine that would have been worth less than half of blue book and put a new engine in it to get the value back up. Depending on what you are asking, if you are going for high blue book I would say you could ask about $1000 over high blue book. If you are going for the middle blue book price you could try about $1500-2000. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need more help.

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