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Audi A6 Quattro: regarding inner tie rod to steering rack,

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regarding inner tie rod nut to steering rack, what is the size of the crow foot wrench size. Audi shop manual tool number V.A.G. 1923.

Eurocar Inc : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can.
Eurocar Inc : The jamb nut is 21 mm or 13/16. The inner tie rod end size is 19mm or 3/4

attached is a picture of an assembled inner/outer tie rod from an online reseller of OM parts. I was able to remove, rather easily, the left tie rod end but not the right. So it appears I will have to remove the inner on the right so might as well do the left too. I have not gotten to the inners yet and don't own any crow foot wrenches, therefore, I will have to buy one or a set..... The 18mm and the 22mm labeled on the picture are the Proto wrenches I used to remove and the attempted removal of the outers. The picture makes it look like the inner tie rod nut to the steering rack is larger. This is an 2002 A6 C5 2.7T with the sport suspension. Does this make any difference. The reason I ask is that I won't be able to easily measure the inner nut and I have to drive a long ways or order any tools. Would you look again and maybe there is a difference because of the sport suspension. Please make any suggestions that will help me out here. I do appreciate it. Thanks, Mark


tie rod
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Eurocar Inc : To remove the inner end I always turn the stewing wheel to extend the to get more room Then I usually use a large pipe wrench to remove the large end. The pipe wrench is awesome because its adjustable and it bites in of what you either are loosening or tightening. That is your best bet in removal

do you have a favorite site to get your audi parts. audi dealers are way over priced. got it apart. now to oder the parts.

Eurocar Inc : I deal with a local European parts store for my parts but I do not think they ship
Eurocar Inc : Where are you located

Okanogan, WA

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