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Audi: 2003 audi allroad 2.7 The front airbags have a problem

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2003 audi allroad 2.7

The front airbags have a problem , and I need to replace a directional valve in the rear of the car. I am hoping to find some used shocks off another audi and put them on like a conversion kit that they make for this car. Do you know what other Audis front shocks will fit on my 2003 audi allroad instead of using the airbags? Thanks

Eurocar Inc : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can.
Eurocar Inc : There is a retro kit offered by Arnott industries
Eurocar Inc :
Eurocar Inc : there is the site to go for the retrofit. I have used them before and very good quality.

Is there anyway I can get some used shocks.struts off another junk audi that will fit? Also, can I just replace the front air bags with the conversion shocks and not do the rear? thanks

Eurocar Inc : The problem is the front. The strut legnth is longer so there are none that will fit. The all road is all by itself for suspension for the front
Eurocar Inc : The reason I recommended Arnott is that they make an extension block to make conventional suspension work.

What is my least expensive route? I just want to sell the car? Also, do you know the name of the solenoid valve in the rear of the car that directs the air flow to the air bags? Is this it Allroad Quattro Genuine Air Suspension Solenoid Valve Unit OEM 4F0 616 013

Eurocar Inc : Used struts is cheapest route
Eurocar Inc : what codes is stored? It may be a simple thing like a height sensor instead the valve.
Eurocar Inc : If the fronts are loosing air the air leaks needs to be rectified first

I had a euro tech look at it and he said the distribution block solenoid needs replaced . He said he hooked his computer up to it, and the front left airbag will pump up, but not the front right air bag, and he said there was a code for the Suspension Solenoid Valve Unit . I was hoping to try to replace it on my own. The leveling lights dont light up at all on the dash, and I do not hear the compressor working either

Can you tell me where I might find some used struts for the front?


The front right air bag is completely collapsed, and neither is pumping up automatically, only pumping with his scan tool

Eurocar Inc : is the best bet. That has all the salvage yards in your area that has what you need

What vehicles will have struts for the front that will work? what year range, and what model range please? Thanks

Eurocar Inc : 2001 all road toXXXXXonly

And I just tell the junk yard that I want front struts for the 2001-2005 allroad?

Eurocar Inc : Tell them your year and they can match up

so the airbags were just an "option"?


I called the junkyard, and they said that all that was made or fit the car were airbags? Please help me get this right, or send a picture of something that will work.

Eurocar Inc : The struts on all all roads were air bags only

So the only way to get rid of the collapsed air bag problem is to do the conversion? How come I do not hear the compressor kick on when I start the car, but the mechanic used his scan tool and pumped up the front left air bag and said the front left wouldnt pump up?

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