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Audi A6 Quattro: I have had different versions of the water

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I have had different versions of the water ingress problem on my 2000 A6 Quattro. The most serious was a clogged drain under the battery that flooded the front passenger footwell - on two occasions. This was 2-3 years ago.

Most recently, on a long trip that included a torrential downpour, the passenger rear footwell ONLY ended up saturated with water. I've read this could be condensate and/or a sunroof drain.
Any easy way to find out and remedy?

Hello , Here to answer automotive questions and make you feel comfortable and become familiar with your product.


you may have clogged rear sunroof drains as well as front ones.



I will supply a link with photos explaining how to remedy the situation

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've seen steps to address this problem without removing the bumper - in your opinion is this possible?

You can, but removing the bumper ensures you that you did the job correctly. If you ever have to do it again then you can take the shortcut not removing the bumper.

Do it right the first time. Gain the experience then you do not have to rely on what someone else may be guessing at.

Plus it is your car, You will know that what you did is correctly done.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

For "no bumper removal", I assume it would be the same process (as the front) working downward with "routing tool" - but no visual confirmation you made it all the way through???


Realize this is sub-optimal but it might be my best option as a city guy with no tools and no work space.

yes, because the end of the hose is behind the bumper cover and the inner fender liner.

You can do it how ever you like. That is a good idea as I live in NYC and space is limited.

But know you know how it is done. Let me know if you ever have questions I will always help.
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