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Uk Audi Q7 special limited edition: Oil or some kind of leak

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My car injector seal & rings (washer) was replaced as my car was making a ticking noise. The noise was gone and the car sounds very healthy. But noticed small amount of oil on the pavement, plus my oil sign came up as saying oil amount on minimum which is surprising since it had a full service less then a week ago. Do u belive the mechanic may have done a bad job is it related to the injector seal?

From what I can see from underneath its leaking from the passenger side of the engine where the injector seal was replaced. 


is this the petrol or diesel engine?
As there's a 4.2 V8 fsi petrol

or a 4.2V8 TDI diesel
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Its a diesal engine tdi

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Diesal tdi


OK if they've had to remove the pump to change the injector due to the solid pipes or lift the cam cover off then its quite possible that they've introduced an Oil leak during the injector change

I'd top up the oil to avoid it running out and then get back to the garage and highlight this issue as it certainly sounds like their fault
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Its not an oil leak. Water from the air con. I hav been checking the oil level at seems to be fine. Soons as the air con stops the dripping stops few mins later. I collected the water off the floor on a tissue doesn't have any smell, left little stain on the tissue but not much. Went to the garage they confirmed its normal for the air con to drip water. I will continue to check the oil level this week see if there is any changes.


When I turn off the fan and air con it stops dripping after a min or two. It doesnt leave much mess below either few small drops of water.

Hello Saif

if thats all it is then this is fine as yes the water is collected condensation from inside the AC system and its perfectly normal for it to drain off every now and then

so is there anything else I can help with?
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