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Audi TT Quattro: Hello, I have an 2004 audi tt 1.8t(225) bea

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Hello, I have an 2004 audi tt 1.8t(225) bea engine code. my problem today is pulse cutting out from my injectors immediately after start up. I had a timing belt failure. cylinder head was rebuilt and ever since chasing this gremlin. I replaced the battery since it died, new cam/hall sensor and a new crank position sensor. Also, I have spark and fuel at the rail, pump can be heard priming. I have a multimeter but limited exp using it. thanks.
Hello ,
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PW/000801 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Implausible Signal In conjunction with any cam sensor fault Make sure that the basic timing mars are set correctly.if this code returns after extended craning and a no-start with a new sensor installed.

Check this first and let me know what you find before moving on to check further

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello roman, yes I checked the mechanical timing marks. There is one on my flywheel and one on the cam to cover. I replaced the speed sensor also referred to as the crank sensor. Also the cam/hall sensor.
You state "cylinder head was rebuilt and ever since chasing this gremlin"

Have you set up the basic timing, removed the valve cover and re checked the cam timing marks to ensure the cam timing is within spaec?

We must make sure.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No I have not done that. I can but I won't be able to get back to you until tmrw night. I had a trusted machine shop do the work. How long can tho conversation endure I h e never used this site before?
Your previous statement indicates you believe one of te cams to be off. Can that cause the fuel injectors to not fire at all after about one second?
since there is a fault for all 4 cylinders fuel injection (P0201, p0202, p0203, p0204,) there is either a loose connection somewhere in the circuit or fuel pump replay failing.

Check the wiring connectors in this circuit, check the connectors in the E box under the ECM also.

We can dialog until we get the problem resolved. The timing must be checked to ensure that the basics are correct first, then we can move on.

Make sure of the timing before you move on to what I mentioned above. Even though you trust the machine shop repair, make sure for yourself so not to double guess.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sure thing I will handle that tmrw. I have an ecm under my windshield wiper vent. It only has two plugs =121 pin total. I know I have relays in my footwell but is there also another computer down there. You refer to an "e" box I'm guessing that's a plug connection to another computer?
after removing the ECM from the waterproof box, behind it down below is a bunch of connectors, This is the location which I am talking about.

The E box is what the ECM is housed in. between the ECM and the firewall under the dashboard is the connectors in question. You can access them from above after removing the ecm. lightly pull on each connector to make sure that they are not wet, spray contact cleaner in them and secure back into place.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Roman I have the ecm underneath the wipers removed from its safety box. The connections you referred to I am looking for can be accessed through the drivers side footwell once removed panel under fuse box correct?
yes you can see them from top or climbing underneath the dash. I think from above is easier to see.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
All the connections are solid. My after run coolant pump will not shut off so I pulled the plug on it so it would not drain my new battery. It does not make sense it should only run after being driven and the water gets to a certain temp. I replaced a coolant temp sensor about 2 months before the rebuild. Anyway now the car is beeping at me flashing a coolant temp icon. Could faulty water readings mess with the fuel injection?

no all of the timing marks are correct?

The wires connections are all secure?

Do you have a wire diagram for the fuel injection system?


You will need to see what else is on the circuit. Something is failing which brings power or ground to all 4 injectors in the circuit. This is what the faults state. I would recommend to leave the coolant pump alone or pull the fuse until the injector circuit is repaired.


Did you check the fuel injection relay?


If the circuit is good the ECM supplies ground for the fuel injectors. You need to eliminate the rest of the circuit before replacing the ecm or you will waste time and money




j17 is the fuel pump relay, which supplies power to the ECM the ECM supplies ground to the injector circuit.Ensure the wires and connectors are good. Ensure the fuel pump relay is working finally the the ECM.

ECM also controls the after run pump.

I am looking at a wire diagram right now

you could replace the less expensive relay 1st to see if this fixes it.


But that is only guessing and not diagnosis.


(DIAGRAM) page no. 34/4


Or you can take your multimeter and check the entire circuit to be totally sure.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Roman I though j17 was just the fuel pump relay. I'm glad you explained it to me that way. I am currently measuring ohms on the wiring harness for inj. Like I said I have limited exp but i posses a Bentley and multimeter. On that harness is also my cam, crank, air int temp sensors. Reading my crank sensor plug with the key on accessory(as the car will not run) I am getting 683 ohm when the spec is(NNN) NNN-NNNN on my cam sensor plug I am getting 1415 ohms exact on either end pin(ground being middle) and on my ait plug(2-pin) I either get nothing or vice versa what appears infinite. It starts at like 1500 and steadily decline to 0. All o these are in ohm. Hope that helps.
How do I determine if the j17 relay is working properly, I have it accessible.
J17 is the fuel pump relay
J217 is the ECM
to check the fuel pump relay check that power with the key on is coming from terminal 15 of relay panel
if you have power there make sure it goes to the ECM to red/blue wire terminal 4

these are 2 links on the wire diagram and how to check the fuel pump relay
You can follow the @thebodtech at twitter to find the links as well

click on slow download at the link page provided


correction J220 is the ECM not J217

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello that testing seems a bit complicated. And my power supply relay for the ecm is designated j271 and is located in the engine bay next to the secondary air inj pump relay? I found a Fuel pump relay for 20 bucks at a parts store I can pick up tonight if that will help move things along, otherwise I will give testing the fuse box a try
Ok try the new relay. The power supply relay powers up the ECM. the fuel pump relay powers up additional circuits related to the ECM. I do not think there is a problem with the Power supply relay since there is not a fault for it.

You can remove the relay panel to get behind it, back probe the wires for the J17 and ensure the power is there or try to replace the relay.

Let me know
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Replaced the j17 relay and no improvement.
now you will have to check the circuit because we know the relay is good.
Is there power to the relay?
Have you checked all of the fuses?
It's good idea to follow the trouble tree in the PDF link below
the last page states if the wiring is good and the relay is good replace the ECM.

You had better make sure the wiring is good before putting in a new ECM, already replaced the Fuel pump relay with no positive results.

The ECM is an expensive unit and a big job to replace to find out that a loose connection somewhere is causing the injector circuit to drop off.

The wire diagram is for a 6 cyl. but it is the same diagram.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well thanks a lot for all the help. I think I have exhausted any mechanical inclination I have and it's time for a diag from the mech. Thanks again.