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Audi Q7: Fan belt is it also classified as drive belt? And

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Fan belt is it also classified as drive belt? And wats a v-ribbed belt are these all the same thing, wud u also recommend changing anything else while changeing fan belt eg timming belt.
The fan belt is the same belt as the drive belt and also sometimes revered to as the serpentine belt,yes they are all the same belt.The v-ribbed belt is just what the belts are called because of the grooves that go over the pulleys they are all the same In that area.This should be all that you need to replace,the timing belt is unrelated to the drive belt.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Below is the version of my mmi system, I am looking to update and not sure what software I need but most of the sites keep asking me what my version of mmi is, but I have no idea would u be able to tell from below? I have a telephone button but does not work it just says not installed, will the update give me blue tooth so the phone can be set up? And where do I insert the update is the a section in the boot where I put the cd/dvd update. Many thanks



Sw: au-hu 51.40 0731Hw: au716-hu6387d2.0

Fc sw: 05071 afc 6ab320060

Fc ps 0060 fc hw:h01

Let me get back to my main computer and I will get this information for you.
Ok I am unable to identify what system you have,the update will not only require the disk but will also require a dealer diagnostic tool to install the update.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Any ideas which mmi it is for audi Q7 below is my computer version, how is it updated as there are new cd/dvd for 2013 software and maps update update do I put them in the cd or is there any other section of the car for cd update

Sw: au-hu 51.40 0731
Hw: au716-hu6387d2.0
Fc sw: 05071 afc 6ab320060
Fc ps 0060 fc hw:h01


Country: United Kingdom
Make: Audi
Model: Q7 Premium
Year: 2008
Engine: 4.2 V8 fsi/tdi S line Quattro

The mmi specifications will need to come from the parts department at the dealer by providing the vin number.The disk will go in the trunk where the cd goes however the dealer diagnostic scan tool will be needed to set the program up.Meaning just putting the disk in won't update the system without the program.

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