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Experience:  I've been working on Audis since I was 18 and own an independent Audi repair and performance shop
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Audi r8: Im buying a 2014 r8 v10 and thinking about adding

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Im buying a 2014 r8 v10 and thinking about adding the Supercharger from Stasis. Have you heard of any problems after the install or things that I should be aware of before making my decision on the install?

AudiDoc :

Hello, I'm Jason. I will do my best to answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.

AudiDoc :

The STaSIS supercharger setup is very well developed

AudiDoc :

No issues at all, including check engine lights.

AudiDoc :

The only thing you'll have to be careful of is speed and resultant tickets.

AudiDoc :

Spectacular modification, and very much a "bolt-on" affair for someone familiar with these. There is some bodywork that needs to be removed, oil tank, throttles, intake, but again, not a horrible job.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank You Jason. I have heard there is an issue w a squeaking belt (the SC is a (5 grove pulley, the crank is a 6 or 7 grove pulley) which is causing bad squeaking during fast accelaration. I have also heard that there are o-Rings that seem to be leaking oil on the SC and having an effect on the vacuum, hence loss of power. Have you heard whether or not Stasis has solved those problems, or have you heard of this

On the one that we work on at my shop, I haven't experienced these issues first hand. I try to avoid reading forums with relation to these sorts of problems, mostly because nobody goes on there to say "oh hey, my car is still running fine." I've moderated and been a member of enough to know this pretty well.

The one thing that does jump out at me right this second though, is whether there is software already available for the '14. This will have to be a question directed right to Stasis, unfortunately. While I am a Stasis dealer, even I don't have that information available to me.
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