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Audi S6 Avant: I have a 2002 S6 Avant wagon with 120,000 miles.

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I have a 2002 S6 Avant wagon with 120,000 miles. it is leaking oil after high altitude high rpm driving. When I stop driving to refuel is when I smell burning oil on engine and it leaves a puddle under the vehicle. I had an oil change and the 120,000 mile service done along with the valve cover and cam gaskets replaced.


Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. If I am not online when you are, please allow me time to return. How long ago was the oil change done? Is it leaking while running or just when the vehicle sits?

Customer: It did this the first time after 1000 miles. We went on a road trip from missouri to park city, utah. After climbing a 10% grade to the resort. I smelled burning oil while the engine was running. We parked it for several days. It dripped oil in about a six inch circle. We pulled the covers and could see nothing that looked like an oil leak. We elected to drive home, the local audi dealer could not get us in. we checked the oil at every stop and had no leaks. I parked at home in the garage for 2 weeks driving a few short trips with no leaking our burning oil.
Customer: Left on another trip to colorado. Had no problems on the way out. Pulled in for gas after a steep climb where we were running high rpm. Smelled burning oil and had a big oil spot. Checked the oil and it is about a 1/4 quart low.

Okay. If this is only occurring when under a heavy load then you need to start by checking the oil filter mounting surface. It is possible that the oil is coming out through there. If that seems fine then you need to take a close look at the oil cooler as that is also a common spot for this leak. Is the engine running fine other than this?

Customer: Yes, the engine seems to be running great other than that. I will check these. The leak send to be back a little and to the passenger side.
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