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Audi Allroad Quattro: My 2001 Audi Allroad has suspension problems.

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My 2001 Audi Allroad has suspension problems. It used to sink overnight and sometimes in the day. Often the front LW wheel was lower than the other three wheels. I introduced airtool lubricant into the system (removed tube and filters - sponge and the strange gold colored ones). This did not help. I cleaned out the filters and now it stays up at nights (two nights) but still sinks over 10 hours during the day (80-90 F). Can you advise me what the problem is and how best to fix it ?
Hello ,
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There is a small rubber seal which is at the lower part of the air spring on each front strut that flatten out and leaks the air out over time. The air springs need to be removed front suspension must come apart in order to replace the seal. I recommend that you do both front.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Roman

I am unsure why you suggest changing seals when the problem is so variable and if its mainly the LFW thats affected why change L and R front seals?

I will try to describe clearly where the failure is.

the seal is basically a sealing o-ring found between the air spring blabber and the strut rod in the front strut suspension. Over time the ring becomes dried out and flat instead of rounded and sealing the entire surface of contact. When the height is constantly sitting on level 2 which is where the height normally sits on every allroad you will notice that if you leave the vehicle park over night on any other level beside this one the suspension will not drop. this is because the the o-ring is sealing in that particular position. When brought down to normal ride height (level 2) the 0-ring cannot seal as it is designed to due to it's flat surface on that position.

Try it, park the car over night on normal level, if it is dropped in the morning the o-ring is failed in that position.

Park over night in any other ride height and watch to see if it has remained at that height.

It will happen one day that the seal does not work at all and you will hear air leaking out of the area. When you raise the height it cannot lift. One side only has the problem at the moment but shortly the opposite side will fail.

I am just describing my experiences to you after working with the exact scenario day in and day out at the Audi dealer. You can go with repairing the one side but be ready to repair the other one soon after.

if you have any further questions regarding any part of your Audi do not hesitate to ask me and I try to clear up any confusion.

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