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Audi A6 Quattro: I have a 2001 Audi A6 with a 2.8 V6 engine.

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I have a 2001 Audi A6 with a 2.8 V6 engine. I experienced the overheating of coolant & engine temperature while coming to a constant idling on the highway due to construction. Both times when it overheated and then i started driving at a relatively higher speed the temperature goes back down. Even the thermometer on my car displays an outdoor temperature of 33 Celsius, despite of the actual temperature being only 22. I haven't seen the temperature to rise ever since.


Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. If I am not online when you are, please allow me time to return. Does the vehicle seem to be driving fine now? How many miles are on the vehicle?


186000 KMs so 115000 miles on the car. The vehicle is driving perfectly fine just like before. No sign of overheating whatsoever. The coolant temperature is usually right at the half mark (50%?) but it went all the way up to about 80%. The engine temperature usually sits at third of a quarter mark and went up to around half the mark. This only happened as i was moving very slowing/idling for about 30+ mins. The weather was cloudy and about +22 Celsius.


And the temperature of both the engine and the coolant went right back down (i can see the indicator moving down at a relatively fast pace) as i'm moving faster 30 KM/hr+ and eventually when i got back onto highway speed both gauges went back down to normal.


Thank you for the response. From the description of what you have said it sounds like either the cooling system fans are not working or there may be a clog in the radiator. It is also possible that the cooling system pressure cap is malfunctioning. If the vehicle is acting fine now then I would change the cooling system cap first. If the problem returns then the flow of coolant needs to be checked and the fans must be checked. Is this something that you plan on fixing yourself?


I would be tempted to fix it myself if they are not too complicated. I have limited mechanical knowledge but i know friends that are who can assist me with this problem. What do you mean by the cooling system cap? Also is this problem that could be dangerous and if i should consider not using it for highway (longer distance) driving?


The cap is the cap that keeps pressure on the cooling system. It is located on the cooling system reservoir. I would then drive it and see how it is. This does not mean that it is unsafe to drive as long as it stays cool.


Ah just the cap on the coolant reservoir? Right now i really can't tell the difference since she is driving perfectly once again, with the indicator on the coolant temperature never acceding the midway point. Another sign for me when this all started was that the A/C shut itself off, pretty sure that this is not a separate incident?! the A/C was down after the coolant temperature reached about the 75% mark.


If it's just the coolant reservoir cap i will talk to my audi shop to get the part and replacing that should be fairly easy?

FIXITMAN : The a/c will turn off during an overheating condition to help protect the engine. If you are going to take it to the shop I would let them know what happened just to have them check it out and do a pressure test. If it is fine then the cap is what to change just as a precautionary measure.

I will change out the cap myself it shouldn't be a problem. However pressure test will have to be done by the shop. Could there be a chance that nothing was really wrong but there was just a minor clog and its been cleaned out since?

FIXITMAN : It is possible that there was a delay in the thermostat opening or the fans were not turned on right away and that it will not happen again. If it does then I would have it checked out further.

Ok i have an appointment made at my shop to do a pressure test and to replace the coolant reservoir tank cap since they're both cheap to get done anyways. Is that about all i can do for now? What would the pressure test do?

FIXITMAN : Yes that is the best place to start. That will show any indication of leaks or loss in the cooling system.

Ok i will do that and start from there. Thank you!

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