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Audi A8: 2013 A8 on low speed sharp turns in parking lot or

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2013 A8 on low speed sharp turns in parking lot or cornering the front suspension makes groaning / whooping sounds. Audi and dealership tell me that this is NORMAL and will diminish with time. The car has 10K miles on it. I bought it as a CPO vehicle with 8K miles. Upon complaining to Audi they tell me they are aware of the problem and they are working on a solution and will advise me through the dealer when they have a fix. The dealer gave me a technical bulletin #2023187/2 that states, “folds of outer rubber boots for front axle shafts rub or make contact when turning” this is normal! If this is German engineering I have had my fill already having never owned a German car previously but having had great experiences with Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. How do you fix this through Audi or by other means?

FIXITMAN : Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. If I am not online when you are, please allow me time to return. There is a problem with this as well as a problem within the gearbox during turns. It is due to wear on the thrust washers. Neither one have an actual fix for them at this time. That is pretty rediculous for a car this expensive. I would ask the dealer to change the axles and to change the oil in the gearbox. This may help but the noise may return until they change the design of the axle boots.

Hey Fixitman, Thx for the reply. A couple of questions: 1) your reply implies that the service bulletin is an excuse or BS from Audi, 2) What specifically do you mean by "change the axles". Thx. Bob.

FIXITMAN : The service bulletin means there is a know problem and that there is not a known solution at the time. As for the axles they will have new boots which tend to make less noise. The noise will more than likely return though.

Is it a big deal $$ and time to change the axle shafts? Have you ever heard of this problem previously, I find it just unbelievable for a car this expensive and advertised as the "flagship" best of the best.

FIXITMAN : Yes I have seen this and it is very irritating to customers to hear that they have to "live" with this until there is a fix. I have seen the dealer change the axle shafts to help reduce or eliminate the noise momentarily. If you were to pay to have this done it would be expensive.
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