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Bryan, Technician
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Audi Q7: Good Evening, I would like to ask you question about

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Good Evening, I would like to ask you question about Q7 4,2 FSI 2009. I live in Oman. My car is now in regular service after 60000 km. Last service check after 45 000 km they changed brake pads and rotors. Now after 15000 km they found, that Left front brake is pressed just partially, They showed it to me and really outer part of the rotor was slightly corroded while inner part was clean. Technician told me that during test drive he found the left brake is not working properly and car is pulled to the right while braking at high speed. after two or three days they called me to approve replacement of ABS control unit due electrical fault. It seems to me strange as I did not realize any problem. Also I would expect, if ABS unit is faulty, some light should come on or not? Because they want approx. 1500 EUR, I would like to know, if this is possible or normal. I hope they just not pull money from me. Car is very clean, not like in Europe, as there is almost no rain here. Roads are perfect here as well.
Thank you.


My name isXXXXX will be glad to assist you today in answering your questions.


Something don't smell right here, something is wrong. They have not diagnosed the issue you correctly. If your left front brake caliper was freezing up then the car would pull left not right. Along with if the abs module was bad there should be a code or a light or something to tell you there is a problem. No codes equals no problems.

A slight wear difference between the inner and outer pad is not good, but not something I would replace a control module for, and a control module can not make a brake caliper press differently on the inner and outer pad. This is a caliper issue. either someone did not install the pads correctly, or there is a caliper issue. now if the ABS control module has gone bad, then have them give you the code, and ask how did you diagnose this, if they give you some bull shit answer or they more or less suggest they are guessing ignore them, get a second opinion sounds like this dealer is looking for big money, and not looking to fix there f**k ups, they did not put the pads in correctly causing the wear, and the ABS module is fine. At least that's what I would guess.

Best regards,


Bryan and other Audi Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Bryan, thank you for answer. Sorry for delay, but I wrote my question at late night, just before sleeping. Yeah, You basically confirmed, what I thought. I cannot see any connection between insufficient braking and ABS controller. However I am not Audi specialist even I was an aircraft engineer. So I was not sure, if there is really not something which affects each other. But I think, that the car should really be pulled to the right, because the right side is braking more. Also What I think, that somebody did not make a good job last time, when they replaced pads. It is just 15000 km on perfect roads. Just correct me please if I am wrong. And just to make clear one more thing please, as I read several opinions. Is it really necessary to change always brake rotor when changing pads?


Thank you