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Audi A4 Quattro: I have a 2003 audi a4 quattro 1.8t with 86000

Customer Question

I have a 2003 audi a4 quattro 1.8t with 86000 miles. I just bought it about 2 months ago. The first night I had it. I noticed the coolant was brown. The next day it overheated and was towed to the nearest import specialist. They replaced the thermostat, oil cooler, and the upper radiator hose and bottom hose along with the radiator cap. Fixed the coolant problem with overheating, however, now it's leaking coolant. It's not noticeable under the car. I tightened the clamps on the hoses that had been replaced and filled the coolant back up with water. 3 days later after just sitting in the garage the coolant was almost gone out of the tank! where is the leak? the coolant flange? Also, after the coolant problem was fixed I got a check engine light. throwing the p302 cylinder misfire. I replaced the spark plugs and all the coils. I then replaced the fuel injector on that cylinder, cleared the code. 2 days later I got the check engine light again! There isn't a miss or any indication of a miss. The only problem I see is when I initially start the car. It's like it's not receiving enough fuel and it idles at the right rpm, just shaky. Other than that, there is no loss in power, or hissing sounds, or rotten egg smell. That eliminates the cat converter and a vacuum leak right? What else could be causing this, I'm starting to think I made a horrible investment.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  FIXITMAN replied 4 years ago.


Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. If I am not online when you are, please allow me time to return. If there are not any noticeable exterior leaks then you may have an internal engine problem. I would have the cooling system pressure tested to see if there are any leaks. If there is nothing shown during the pressure test you need to do a compression test. This will let you know what is wrong with that cylinder. Also see if there is coolant on the compression tester during the test. There may be coolant leaking into that cylinder as the vehicle sits which would explain the coolant loss and the running and misfire. If the coolant was that bad then you may have a head gasket problem. Do you plan on doing this work yourself?

JACUSTOMER-vip96vzh- :

I've been doing all the work since the coolant problem had been "fixed". Compression test were done and it's holding good compression. There isn't any water in the oil or oil in the coolant. i changed the oil after the coolant was done also. Full synthetic in it. Like I said, there isn't a miss except on start up and it doesn't always happen then either. But other than that there's not an obvious misfire. Which is why I think it has to be more simple than a head gasket. Question, the fuel rail line was lying on the head, and burned through the rubber that protects the wires, the wires weren't frayed or burnt, but exposed, so i put electrical tape on it. Could that cause that cylinder misfire?

FIXITMAN : This can possibly cause this as it will cause a drop in supply voltage. You should repair the wires by replacing that section. Also see if there is any white marks on that spark plug to identify coolant in the cylinder. If you are confident that there is not a head gasket problem then I would also do a top end carbon cleaning as there may be build up on the valves. You still need to find the coolant leak though.
JACUSTOMER-vip96vzh- :

How exactly do you go about going through a carbon cleaning. I wouldn't necessarily say i'm confident that it's not the head gasket, but I feel if that was the case, there would be some other indicators that point to that direction and I'm not noticing any. Like bad oil, or smoking, driving rough. I'm just fed up. I plan on doing the coolant test though.