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Audi A6 Quattro: Hi, I have an oil pressure light on. went

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Hi, I have an oil pressure light on. went to the audi dealership and they told my oil temperature switch was not working. they can fix it for $235 for that Part + 3 hours of work (total $600+tax). Seems steep to me. (car is a6 2006). Waht is your advice?


My name isXXXXX will be glad to assist you today in answering your questions.


Part is available aftermarket for a few dollars less, labor really is labor, but I would check around for a independent shop who specializes in European cars. This job is not that hard, and 3 hours, I could do about 5 maybe even 6 of them. Your dealer is adding time to the job for diagnostics, or they are just running the hours up to hit the number they want for the ticket to be.



Look around you should be able to find it cheaper.


Best regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How much would you charge for this repair, just to have a base for negotiation.

I normally charge around 2 hours at $90, and $210 for the part, so you would be looking at $390 give or take $50, kind of depends on how bad the oil pan leak is. If I have to clean the entire bottom of the engine I might charge another $120 for time and materials.
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