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Audi A6 Quattro: why does my audi a6 2007 radio turns on and

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why does my audi a6 2007 radio turns on and off every 3 sec.
Hello ,
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the radio may have an internal short. you can remove the radio and on the back is a fuse, remove and reinstall it to see if it clears up/

let me know what you find
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

where would the radio be to replace the fuse? what component has the fuse? audi a6 2007


what? Your question states that the radio turns on and off. Now you are asking where is the radio?

The fuse in in back of the radio.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you understand the MMI on the Audi a6, the radio is integrated into the system via the MMI / fiber optic loop. There really is no standard radio component in the dash. if I have to explain this to you then I don't think I have an audi expert. The problem is really not just with the radio, the blue tooth module does not work the system sounds like its resetting all of the time.



Ok, now you are stating that this car is equipped with MMI. That information was not in the original description. You also did not state that there was not any aftermarket accessories in the vehicle. Please try to explain clearly in your description when asking questions so that the experts can understand.

Let us move on, Can you use a scan tool to search for any logged faults in ALL systems and list the logged faults here to be evaluated. Without them it will be very difficult to give you any sort of direction.

I will be here to help until we get the complaint resolved.
You can list any other additional missing information as well. I guarantee that there are faults logged in the system. Does the screen go blank?
You do not have to explain to me how the system works, I understand.
Have you check for any software updates to the MMI sytem? Sometimes there is a software update that fixes this system and this is the first check. If there are updates needed it will override and stored faults.

Check this out and let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i don't have scan tool and but did have a audi tech tell me that it can be a short or the telephone control module, but its strange that it works then it does not, so a bad fuse is likely not going to do this.


He is just guessing. In this modern time of electronics it can be a very costly expense to guess.

You will have to have the faults checked. I do not want to lead you down the wrong road by telling you that a component is failing without knowing for sure which one. I have been trained for many years and also a shop foreman with 20 technician subordinates. So I will say to be sure of a correct diagnosis, have a dealer check for software updates first and then check the logged fault codes and diagnose in a proper step by step manner or else you may waste time and money on a very costly repair with negative results.
he may be right about the phone control module however there are several different fault guidelines for every fault and he is probably going with what he has seen mostly in the past. But does he know for sure. Yes, it can very well be a failing phone control module shorting out the rest of the system but we need fault codes that will give us a lead on where to test first.

You have a intermittent failure and there will be a fault stored when the control module sees that the correct response has not been identified.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what system or software that I can purchase to obtain the codes?

for yourself if you have a laptop pc you I recommend rosstech. Vag com software designed specifically for Audi.

I strongly suggest that first you have the software updated if needed. There have been many fixes for non functioning MMI units by updating software.
As a technician we install the software. The scientist dude who writes the code makes mistakes and no matter how well they check the software before it's release there are always bugs. Some updates resolve issues.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

just found the problem< its the blue tooth module under the drivers seat. By removing the fiber optic cables going into it and fixing them so they point at each other the radio and all other functions are now working properly. removed the whole unit


now, where do I find one 6369dx077571723 model no BE 6369


thanks for the advice on what program to get, will this do all functions of the car and allow me to reset the engine light after understanding whats going on??

thats good, so the bluetooth module has failed and will need to be replaced, install a new one and code the new module with the same coding that you see when on the vagcom screen when you scan that module.


Clear the faults and everything should be working. Vagcom will allow you to do everything that the factory scantools used in the dealership can do. And ross tech website has support when you purchase directly from them.You can call the number and speak to a live person and they have a forum and a library on line full of diagnostic support.


What is this "now, where do I find one 6369dx077571723 model no BE 6369"

The bluetooth module?


You basically have remove it from the fiberoptic loop and connected the line in its place.

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