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Audi A6 Quattro: I need to change the heater hose from the

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I need to change the heater hose from the heater core to the to block. I'm looking for detailed instructions and diagrams if possible. Thanks in advance!!


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Here is a link with part explosion


Now when removing the old hose use a pick to slide around the hose and the fitting to the heater core. This will loosen the old hose up. Slide the old hose off, it helps if you have a pair of hose clamp pliers to grab the clamp and slide it forward.

Once the old hose is off use some sand paper on the nipple to the heater core be gentle these like to break easily, and there is no fix other than replacing the heater core. Clean off the surface area. slide the new hose on and repeat the same thing on the engine side.

when installing the new hose put a small amount of Vaseline around the inside of the hose this will let the hose slide on easily.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
yes that sounds easy and all but to get to the back of the motor there's a few things that need to be done I'm looking for those step by step of what needs to be removed for proper installation . thank you

You have to take off the pipe going to the throttle body and that's about it, you can remove the coolant bottle for ease of access but the clamp is usually on the passenger side,
Instructions don't say much about step by step, Audi instructions assume you have take everything out of your way, they start at that point.
Is there anything your worried about being in your way?


The hoses are all the way back in the motor you have to do most of the job blind, your doing it by feel.

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