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Audi S8: I am getting a P0730 fault code from my 2001 Audi

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I am getting a P0730 fault code from my 2001 Audi S8. The engine revs and then jerks forward. After the car jerks forward, the PRND lights go solid red. Any idea of what is wrong? Thank you


My name isXXXXX will be glad to assist you today in answering your questions.


This is a mechanical issue internal to the transmission, the transmission is trying to engage the gear, but do to a leak internal to the transmission the engagement does not occur, so the transmission increases the pressure to engage the gear, this is the jerk you feel when the transmission finally engages into gear the car jerks. Now the reason all the PRND lights light up is from the multi function switch this tell the transmission what gear you are in. Usually the switch is the culprit but based on what you have stated I would say the transmission is just slam worn out and needs to be overhauled.

The price you stated was a bit high, I think you can get around $3500-$3800 that would be used, a full overhaul should run around $4500 with a new multifunction switch
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mr. Tillett,


Strangely I saw the same problem on my car a few years ago. Not sure how the problem was fixed. The folks who found the p0730 code also said that I was slightly low on transmission fluid. Could that be the problem?

Low transmission fluid will cause this problem easily I would have that correct asap.

p0730 is a gear range malfunction the code occurs when the gear the transmission is in is not what the transmission control module wants it to be in.

Usually this occurs from internal wear or a internal leak, but if you low on fluid that can cause this problem very easily

Now all the light lighting up on the dash usually says the transmission does not know what gear it is in , and it puts the transmission in fail safe mode, you get 1st, 3rd, and reverse. often called limp mode.

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