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Audi A8 Quattro L: 2005 Audi A8L. Spilled drink on MMI center

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2005 Audi A8L. Spilled drink on MMI center console. Removed circuit board and successfully cleaned it with a contact cleaner. Everything works except the "CAR" button. It doesn't light up nor come up on screen. Does this function have it's own fuse? Any help. I purchased the Bentley manual but nothing there. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX '98 and now this beauty. I love it!

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No, there is a separate fuse. I believe that you cleaned it properly. However,if something was spilled on the circuit board there is a good chance that it has shorted out. We get this problem at the dealer 100 times a day.

All that you can do is try to clean it again, clean the contacts and make sure it is plugged in correctly and it is tight. connect and unconnected it several times. If it does not wake up it will need to be replaced. If by some chance that it does work it will work intermittently or for a very limited time.That is not the best place for a cup holder and Audi has been told time and time again. The newer cars do not have a cup holder in that area anymore and the Euro cars don't have one at all.


It should be replaced if all else fails due to internal short

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Gotcha. What I wanted to know specifically was if there was a separate fuse for "CAR" function exclusively. Not for the entire MMI circuit board. I want to see if maybe when I spilled drink on console it may have shorted a fuse only for the CAR function on the MMI board. Apart from MMI general fuse. If so do you know where it is? I appreciate it very much. Will rate you as excellent regardless and appreciate your time, Fernando

Not a problem. But there is not a separate fuse for car function. The circuit board gets its own power. Just test the car function maybe the bulb is only burned out. It could be just that part of the circuit board is shorter. Circuit boards work that way, another function may short out soon maybe not. Can't tell with a circuit board. There are not many people these days who will try to repair them. Cheaper to build expensive to buy.
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