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Bryan, Technician
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Audi Q7 Premium: 2007 Audi q7, starts for 3seconds then shuts

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2007 Audi q7, starts for 3seconds then shuts down- key fobs not recoginized. I disconnected the fan plug while workin on a squeak and think i activated some kind of security shut down. Will try to disconnect at battery. Any way to reset to void tow and dealership?


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I'm sorry to tell you to this but that antitheft system requires a dealer tool, or something at dealer level to check the keys.
Sounds like the immobilizer dropped the information on the keys, this should not happen.

Disconnecting the battery should not work, it should just make the vehicle loose all the presets you have, radio stations, phones, memory seats, and cause error codes for voltage issues in every module.

Without the scan tool you really can not do much, need to have it towed to the dealer or to a mechanic with a Autologic with the audi package


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Bryan Tillett

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks- so daylight runners are on and I can't turn off- is that consistent with security too? Just strange disconnecting the fan under passenger dash would activate this. Should I just let battery wear down- probably wont tow until morning?

Being a mechanic/service manager that never uses a dealership sure (give the guys at the dealership something to do) Dealerships make so much money for nothing, drives me crazy,

Its your choice you can disconnect the battery again, or you can let it run down at this point it not a issue, can not start the vehicle

As for the daylight runners, I believe they are a part of the system but they should not stay on, something is telling them to

Let me know how things turn out

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