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Audi A4: My 2007 Audi A4 Turbo AWD just got its 105000 mile

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My 2007 Audi A4 Turbo AWD just got its 105000 mile servicing yesterday. Today while driving it, the automatic transmission suddenly malfunctioned. By this I mean, when I accelerate from 0 to any speed it does not move up from first gear and just revs all the way to 4/5000 RPM.

A little bit of troubleshooting helped me temporarily solve the problem. I switch to tiptronic mode and drive up to 4th gear and then when I switch back to automatic it works fine. However, just a couple of hours ago the MIL(malfunction lamp aka check engine light) came on. It is not blinking but just solid. I am leaving the country soon and am renting this vehicle out to someone while I am not in the country. How severe is this issue and how long would I likely have to leave it at the audi service center till its resolved?

AudiDoc : Hello, I'm Jason.I will do my best to answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.
AudiDoc : Ok, first off, it's actually good that the MIL came on
AudiDoc : this will help with troubleshooting
AudiDoc : so you can shift it normally in tip mode, no odd behavior there?
Customer: yup i can operate it perfectly well in tiptronic
Customer: other than the fact that its a little jerky
Customer: but thats the normal gear change in a manual car sort of feeling
AudiDoc : Ok, this may be something as relatively simple, possibly a transmission range switch
AudiDoc : not the most inexpensive repair, at about $600 parts and labor, but this definitely doesn't sound like an internal fault
Customer: wow.
AudiDoc : I would expect the turnaround to be no more than 2-3 days
AudiDoc : however, I can only go by experience with these, since we don't know the fault code stored in the transmission control module
Customer: ok my next question is, could the 105000 mile servicing potentially messed it up?
AudiDoc : extremely doubtful
Customer: also, does this affect other parts of my transmission.
Customer: like does it affect my timing belt
AudiDoc : while somewhat comprehensive, it would be a challenge to actually make the car behave as you describe
AudiDoc : it will not affect the belt
AudiDoc : it could affect other parts of the transmission if not attended to within 100-200 miles
Customer: and finally, what if I decide to use the car as it is, with my strategy of switch from tiptronic back to automatic
Customer: OHHH
Customer: ok so I have to attend to it before lending it to my friend who plans to drive it all summer?
AudiDoc : That would be best, yes
Customer: alright. well thank you for your information
Customer: Its unfortunate that this happened
Customer: and I guess I will get it fixed ASAP.
AudiDoc : yes, I'm sure the timing is not good
Customer: ok so transmission range switch right?
Customer: i just want to have an idea so i dont get duped
Customer: by the audi service people in my city
AudiDoc : well, let's not hang our hat on the range switch
AudiDoc : without data, I can only give an experience opinion
Customer: oh for sure. but i have an idea at least.
Customer: thanks a ton.
Customer: good night
AudiDoc : glad to help. Take care
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