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what causes the lights on my audi a6 multitronic between the

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what causes the lights on my audi a6 3.0 multitronic instrument panel between the rev counter and speedo to start fading starting at the top and bottom at the same time. Both displays stations and gear selections and computer checks info displays which become unreadable after a short period. On first daily start up it`s perfect....can this be remedied?What can or should I do? The remaining centre distance display is not affect ed so much at all.  It only has almost 138,000 Km`s 0n the clock and this problem has been there for a long time now. She runs like a dream.      Thanks. Mr. Botha... (BOETIE)

Eurocar Inc : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Quality research = Quality answer!!
Eurocar Inc : The LCD screen is faulty. The only correct fix is a new replacement of the instrument cluster. Now there are aftermarket LCD repair screens available but it is for speedo shops or for the DIY person.

That the most comomn answer e.g. REPLACE INST CLUSTER.but a knew one will set me bac almost R20,000 ZAR. I also heard that they CAN and have been repaired I just thought that you might have info on how it could be done or find out from someone who has that remedy.

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