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Audi A6 Quattro: 2001 audi a6 clock spring I moved the clock

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2001 audi a6 clock spring I moved the clock spring after I removed it. How do I check it to reinstall it

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Yes if you turn the CS in the direction until it just binds. Then turn it back at least the revolutions that the steering is turned to get it into full lock from the center position (1 3/4?). Then continue to turn it back until the indicator shows through the window in straight position, this is the position of the CS that it should be installed in and the steering wheel be assembled in the straight ahead position.

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Jake “The Audi Doctor”
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

will this take care of the air bag light or does the car need to be pluggedin for a steering wheel calibration. Also seeing that the unit stops does that mean its good and not brocken or does it have a mechanical stop other than the clock spring/wire binding stoping the unit from turning.

If the air bag light is on it will need to be scanned and erased with an Audi Capable scanner. Battery disconnect will not work. The fact that the unit stops indicates that it may be ok, but you will need to clear the code and see if the code and light return to be sure. The code for the CS is driver's air bag igniter resistance high.

On an 01 if it has ESP it has a steering angle sensor in the CS. Typically a road test will turn out the light and erase the code.

Thanks Jake
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I checked and the code is 0588 they tried to reset it and had no luck...I installed a new cs and drove the car but the light is still on Any other ideas? I am not sure if the car has esp.The car has no switch for turning the traction unit onn or off it is a 2001 a6 quattro.

0588 is the code typically associated with a failed CS. The 0588 code MUST BE erased with an Audi Capable scanner. If it has ESP (should have an ESP off button) and the ABS steering wheel angle sensor code, that code will erase with a road test, but the 0588 must be erased with a scanner.

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