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2011 Audi: a1 second hand..second gear..mechanics said it was fine

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My sister bought a 2011 Audi a1 second hand. It started to giving her trouble as she couldn't put the car in first or second gear.
She took it in and the mechanics said it was fine. It happened again resulting in her to pull over on the motorway and not be able to go again. This time they said there was clutch damage due to driver error.
I don't live near my sister so when I heard all this I thought it sounds dodgy but could be possible. Next she sent me pictures of the damage and I see two cracks on what i believe is the 228MM Sachs Pressure Plate. (sorry i'm not a gear-head but have pictures).

My question...
was this driver error? I don't know her driving level but she's not a bad driver and is not a boy racer. she bought the car with 23,000 on the clock and now it has 28,000.
Even if she was bad i find it hard to imagine that she could do such damage in such a short space of time.
I have heard the A1s have had clutch problems.

if you want to see the pics please send me an email address and i'll forward them.
Welcome to Just Answer!!

Please post pictures on here
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i can't seem to post the pictures here. is there a trick to doing it or a address i can email them to?
Use the paper clip icon on the message box we are not allowed to provide our email its against site policy sorry
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
completely understand about the email thing.
i miss the paperclip as i was using google chrome as my browser an those icon don't show up. switched to firefox and they are appearing now.

please find pics below...
Ok thank you for the pictures honestly this looks like the pressure plate failed i have see a lot of customers burn the clutch and never is the pressure plate cracked more then likely the pressure plate cracked and caused the issue , but when it comes to this most dealers will not warranty the clutch issue if its 12,000 miles . I hope this helps.

Feedback and bonuses are greatly appreciated thank you !!!
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