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Matt, Engineer
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Experience:  Mechanical Engineer with 20 years experience in the auto industry, 8 yrs in formula 1 engine testing
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audi tt quattro: oil warning light came..I topped..oil light..dipstick

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I have an audi tt quattro Mk1. The oil warning light came on earlier today, I topped up the oil but the oil light remained on even though the dipstick showed the correct do I reset it?

the oil level warning doesn't need resetting it should just clear once the oil level is correct

So its possible that the level sensor in the sump is faulty or the connection to it is corroded or damaged

Its worth checking this last one out 1st

thegraphic sensor is shown here

if this all looks Ok then its also worth trying resetting the ECU by disconnecting the battery cables and clamping them together for 10 mins. Remove both battery leads from the battery then use a nut and bolt or G-clamp to hold both battery lead terminals together.

This discharges any capacitors / memory within the ECU and around the car so ensures all memory settings are wiped clear - back to the factory default.

This will reset all the systems on the car and you may need the radio security code to get it going again, and ensure that the keys are in your hand when you re-connect the battery as the car may lock and turn on the alarm
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Matt
Is the sump oil sensor accessable without a ramp as I do not have one available? Could you briefly describe where it is located in the engine department ....thanks

the sump sensor is under the car and cannot be accessed from the top - the gray / silver pan in the picture is the sump at the bottom of the engine

you don't need a ramp but a good solid pair of axle stands and a trolley jack will do the job admirably
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sorry to bleet on a little - there was one other thing that happened not sure if it is significant or not - after I topped up the oil and was driving home I was overtaking at about 75 mph and another warning light came up was a circle with 'MPH' written inside the circle and '1' written on the outside of it. When I slowed down the warning when off.......are these to warnings linked? If I disconnect the battery and don't know my radio code, the only thing I will loose is my radio ...right ?

this nothing to really worry about as its just a reminder / warning set by the driver

so if you're driving at 30 MPH and press the "CHECK" button it stores the speed and then when you go over that it alerts you to tell you, you are going above your set speed..

if you did it at a slow speed it would flash every time you set off...

try pressing the same button again for about 3-5 seconds and you should get the same symbol (MPH in a circle) with 2 lines across it meaning speed warning deactivated..

yes by resetting the car you'll lose the clock setting and whatever milage is on the trip meter and also the ECU will lose any stored changes to the fuelling -

however these latter ones are restored once you've driven 10-15 miles

I'd double check the vehicle handbook for the radio code
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for grtting back to me on that Matt :-)
No problem