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Audi A6 Quattro: how do you remove the fuel pump for 2000 a6

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how do you remove the fuel pump for 2000 a6 quattro 4.2 after removing access cover
The missing insulation is not normal. If you look at the connector right at the top of the connector you'll see there's a slot at the top just big enough for a flathead screwdriver, yoiu just gently pry on that tab and then pull the connector off. Then you hit that large ring around the top of the pump counter clockwise with a punch and hammer.

Once you get that, you pull the top off gently and inside you'll find a couple connectors at the bottom of the lid, disconnect those, then reach down into the tank and spin the pump counter clockwise with your hand to release it.

There's a tool to do that, this picture shows it, but you don't need the tool.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
have top off and all wires and hoses disconnected do i just grab the center part where hoses were connected a larger ares punp did not turn when first tried is a lot of force required to turn pump dont want to break anything
Yes, down below, it requires a lot of force that's why there's a tool, you can see there's a small notch if you look down in there at around the 7 or 8 o clock position on the pump. I had to carefully use a pry bar and still kind of busted it up a little but not enough to affect operation. You may not be able to do that because you don't know how the factory tool works. But if you look there are some square notches that are about an inch wide, I just spun it counter clockwise gently with a pry bar in that notch.

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