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Audi A6 Quattro: How do I reset the "service inspection" reminder

Customer Question

How do I reset the "service inspection" reminder on a6 4.2 2010? I've already changed the oil and reset the oil service reminder through the MMI. Now I've also done the service required for the "inspection maintenance" and just need help to reset the "service inspection" reminder.

Currently MMI Service interval shows 10,000 miles and 365 days for oil change but only shows 3800 miles and 11 days for "Service Inspection". Everything has been done just need to reset the "Service Inspection" counter.

Thanks, Marcus
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  FIXITMAN replied 5 years ago.


Hello JACUSTOMER, try the instructions below. Let me know if you need more help.


Note: The cluster depicted may vary slightly from the one actually being serviced if it is not MMI equipped.

  1. Push in the reset button for the trip recorder, hold it in, and turn ignition ON without starting engine.
  2. The display should read either "SERVICE IN ????Miles" or "Service!" if it does not, repeat steps #1 and #2.
  3. To reset, push and hold the odometer reset (control) button until you see "SERVICE IN --- MILES --DAYS" or "SERVICE!"..

Perform step #4 before the "Service!" message disappears and changes to the usual message about holding the brake down while shifting out of Park.

  1. Turn the ignition off. If done correctly, when the ignition is turned back on, the "Service!" reminder will not show.

Alternate Procedure

  • With ignition off, push right button.
  • Turn ignition on, then pull the left button

A flexible interval can only be calculated for the next service if the Service Interval Display is reset using VAS 5051 / 5052, VAG 1551/52 or the Vehicle Diagnosis Tester.

Reseting indicator via the instrument cluster will result in setting to a fixed service interval value of 1 year / 15,000 km (10,000 miles).

Do not reset the display between service intervals. Doing so will result in an incorrect display.

The service display information will remain intact even if the battery is disconnected.

If a priority 1 malfunction is detected (red symbol), you cannot display the distance remaining.

JACUSTOMER-9a5txs3o- :

Hello fixitman, I tried your instructions and they did not work. I could not pass step 2. The screen never showed "SERVICE IN ????? MILES" or "Service".

JACUSTOMER-9a5txs3o- :

Hello fixitman,

JACUSTOMER-9a5txs3o- :

Hello fixitman, The instructions did not work. I could not get the "SERVICE IN ??? Miles" or "Service" to display. Any other suggestions?


If it will not reset with this procedure then you need to have it done by a shop with the right scan tool. You need to see if the scan tool can communicate with the computer and reset it.

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