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2000 Audi A6: Turbo..Cam Sprockets..timing belt..crankshaft

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Have 2000 Audi A6 2.8L (not the Turbo Version). Accidently turned Cam Sprockets while trying to get new timing belt on but have not turned crankshaft. Wasn't using Crank locking pin though I did set Crankshaft to TDC prior to removing belt, etc. How do I know the proper timing mark for the Cam Sprockets before I put the belt on and install everything? Dont want any surprises when I turn the car on after this if you know what I mean. BTW..I also changed the thermostat, water pump w/new gasket,idler pully and tensioner.

Ok, first thing, if the cam sprockets did not turn more than about 30 degrees, then you shouldn't be in danger of bending valves. However, while you'll be fine without the crank locking pin, you absolutely need the cam lock bar. There are no timing marks other than the crank pulley line to the lower belt cover arrow. The cams are aligned by a metal bar with a large and small "pin" on either side of the bar, which locks the cams precisely into place. To make things even more precise, the cam sprockets are not keyed to the camshafts in any way. The sprockets and the nose of the camshafts are both conical, and when the sprocket is torqued to the end of the cam, the sprocket is effectively locked to the camshaft. When a belt job is done properly, the cam sprockets should be "popped" off the nose of the cam using a puller, cam bar to align the camshafts using those oddly-shaped endplates, belt installed, everything set to TDC, tensioner tensioned, and then the very last step is to torque the cam sprockets down.


I'll absolutely need a cam bar to set this right. Also, make sure you replace the hydraulic tensioner damper/piston, and not just the tensioner pulley.


Excellent cam bar for both 5v and 2v Audi/VW V6's:


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