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2005 A6: keyless start.Went to start car today, will not start..crank

Resolved Question:

2005 A6 with keyless start.

Went to start car today, will not start with keyless or key. Does not crank. Appears to not recognize key at all. Steering wheel and shifter both locked. Audio works, battery charged, can lock car with remote, checked all fuses. Also CD player audio works 5 seconds, goes silent 2 seconds, works again next 5 seconds, constantly alternating on and off. Never happened until today when car won't start. Very strange.

Have had sporadic issue with shifter sensor detecting shifter put into P when shutting off car. Need to restart car, shift to D, then back to P so I can shut off car and lock doors. Maybe this root cause of current failure?

Have also had challenge past week with trunk latch engaging, have to shut trunk repeatedly.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  RS4 Tech replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer,


Unfortunately, it sounds as if the access/start control module has gone bad. It is very common for the 05 model year, so common that Audi releases a technical bulletin for it a few years ago. The access/start module is responsible for recognizing the key and starting the vehicle, it also unlocks the transmission and steering column. The module has since been updated and there is also a wiring update to go along with the new module. The really bad news is that the access/start module is built into the steering column and must be replaced as a unit. Also, only the dealership can replace it as they have to reprogram the immobilizer system along with all of the keys to the vehicle. I hope this information has helped and if it has please click on the accept button as that is the only way I am compensated for my time and knowledge.




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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
George - how much should I expect this to cost. Thanks.

Phil Kasper
Expert:  RS4 Tech replied 6 years ago.



It depends on whether you have an electronically adjustable or mechanically adjustable column. If its electronic its about $825, mechanical is about $740 for parts. You then have to add about 2.5 hours of labor at you local dealers labor rate and finally you should have an alignment done at the same time. Worst case scenario at our dealership located in Lancaster, PA would cost you roughly $1300. I hope this helps, I hate to give such bad news so close to the holidays, but try to have a Merry Christmas if you can.




RS4 Tech and 2 other Audi Specialists are ready to help you