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Audi A4 please explain how to replace the alternator belt

Resolved Question:

please explain how to replace the alternator belt on a Audi A4 B5 and also how to replace the fuel filter.


Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  brownjeff replied 6 years ago.
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  • Turn tensioner in direction of arrow to loosen ribbed belt.
  • Remove ribbed belt from Generator and release tensioner.


Remove rear axle cover if equipped to access fuel filt
  1. Plastic Nut 2 Nm (18 in lb) Lightly twist on to fasten fuel tank clamp bands

Tighten nut after tightening clamp bands

  1. Clamp bands Note different lengths

Note installation orientation

  1. Banjo bolt M14 30 Nm
  2. 1.2 Nm
  3. Fuel filter Location: Arrow points in direction of flow.
  4. Supply line To fuel supply on fuel distributor
  5. Sealing ring Replace
  6. Banjo bolt M12 20 Nm
  7. Protector plate For fuel filler neck

With Ground connection
Before installing a mounting screw (item 10) ensure that screw eye of Ground connection fits tightly

  1. 25 Nm
  2. Ground connection Ensure tight fit of metal ring on fuel filler neck

Check chamfer on protective plate (Item 9).
After installation, check continuity between metal ring on fuel filler neck and chassis Ground: must be approx. 0

  1. Cover
  2. Gasket Replace if damaged.
  3. Locking ring
  4. Rubber cap
  5. Overflow hose
  6. Bleed line Between EVAP canister and EVAP canister purge regulator valve N80
  7. Bleed line Between the bleed valve on fuel filler neck and EVAP canister
  8. Fuel tank
  9. Heat shield For fuel tank

Fastened on rear edge of fuel tank with adhesive tape

  1. Plastic nut 2 Nm
  2. Carrier plate
  3. Heat shield For fuel filler neck
  4. Mounting clamp Ensure tight fit
  5. Plastic nut 2 Nm
  6. 25 Nm
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