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071TCB, Technician
Category: Audi
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2004 audi a3: line drivers electric window has stopped working..slide

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my september 2004 audi a3 2.0 tdi s-line drivers electric window has stopped working.

when i press the button i can hear it trying to work but it kinda sounds like its some sort of cord getting wound up and stops after a second.

i can also slide the window up and down by hand . but it does only go down half way

i got a haynes audi manual and took off the door trim but i was getting out of my depth i think.

anybody know what it is or what someone would charge to fix this.

i am aware it was a problem on the earlier models with clips breaking but we have only bought the car and it is turning into a nightmare
Chat Conversation Started
071TCB :

Hello, it is most likely the window regulator that is no good.. the cables are being chewed-up/binding... you will have to remove the window regulator assembly and replace it. I am in Canada, and we did not get the A3 until the 2006 model year. I am attaching a picture of the 2006 to 2008 model year assembly.

071TCB :

I have replaced the assembly on a 2004 A4... and it is similar... so I assume it will be the same for you...? I am looking for the A4 picture I took with my cellphone... give me a minute to find it (or 2 minutes)....

071TCB :

Here is the A4 picture...

071TCB :

If your manual does not show how to remove it, look for securing bolts that look like they hold the assembly to the door. Once you start removing bolts, you should be able to feel the assembly get loose... lift the whole assembly out of the door (door is open)... you will have to disconnect the wiring to the rear view mirror. Hope that this was of help. I will close this chat now, so that you can check things out and reply back via regular post to this topic. Thomas

Did you get the chat information? I'm not sure why your reply did not show up on this chat or on this topic as a post reply.
Are you getting my replies via the posts that I am posting?
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

so far so good. how can i be sure it is the regulator.
as i say i took the door car off but i chickened out as to removing the main bit that you have sent an image of.
i was worried that it may be tricky to put back together and my mrs be left without a window.
1. are you pretty sure its the regulator
2. is it as hard as it looks
3. i know a vw mechanic so he's probably the same as audi. how many hours labour would you expect this to take if i were to ask him to do it. i dont want ripped off and i especially do not want to take it to audi

many thanks
Hello again,

Whenever there is a crunching sound or a binding sound, it is usually the cable that is
binding somewhere... the only way to know for sure, is to remove the assembly.

To remove and put back together, shouldn't be more than 2-2.5 hrs. I don't have a labour
guide on my PC at home, so I can not confirm this (this is just a hunch from what I remember
when I did this on the A4).

Your mechanic might not have the part in stock, so that will probably add some time as well.

I'm sure that if you dropped it of in the morning, that he would have it ready by the afternoon some time.

I will try to see if I can find a labour figure (standard/flat rate) online.

Ok, I have two images for you.... the first is the labour for a 2004 A4:


Ignore the part numbers as they do not apply to your car.

Here is the labour on a 2006 A3:


Less time indicates that it is easier.... again, these are North American Labour times.

I hope that this has been of help to you.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

this is great, i reckon i have found the part on ebay.

would this be all i need if it is the regulator.

also would it be possible for me to really mess this up or is it simple enough once you get the door assembly off. i do want to check to make sure it is the reg first, but i was worried if i took the door asembly off then i would not be able to simply put it back together the way it was

i am fairly competent and got the door card off, i also have the haynes anual which shows me but if i was to do it myself, is it simple enough to change the regulator with the broken one or would you advise not to waste my time and get it to a mechanic.
Hello again,

Thanks for having accepted!

That looks like the right part... make sure that it is for the correct application (power or non
power window).

If you are mechanically inclined, then you should be able to do this repair yourself... there
may be special tools/sockets that you will need, that might add to the time it takes you
to do the job (having to go and get those tools).

If you have the time (and patience), then feel free to take this on... if you do not want to have
excess "down time", because you need the vehicle asap, then I would advise you to
take it to your mechanic.