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brownjeff, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Audi
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Experience:  17 years experience, ASE certified, dealership certified, Service Manager for 15 years,
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How do you remove the fuel pump on a 1995 audi a6

Customer Question

How do you remove the fuel pump on a 1995 audi a6
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  brownjeff replied 7 years ago.


  • Disconnect the battery ground strap.
  • Open luggage compartment and remove floor covering.

  • Remove access panel for fuel pump and disconnect fuel pump and fuel gauge harness connectors.

  • Disconnect fuel supply line - A (banjo fitting), return line - B, and vapor hose - C.
  • Note the installation position (angle) of the fuel level sender for reinstallation.

  • Using tool VAG-3087, loosen locking ring and lift the fuel gauge sending unit out of tank, being careful not to damage the wires.
  • Disconnect fuel supply and return hoses from inside of sending unit housing.
  • Pull off electrical connection for fuel pump.

  • Mount fuel pump removal tool 3214 to fuel pump in baffle housing.
  • Turn fuel pump approx. 15mm (0.59 in.) counter-clockwise to unlock pump.
  • Lift pump out of tank.


  • Install in reverse order of removal, following the installation notes.

Installation Notes :
  • Insert pump into tank housing with notch "C" lined up with mark "A" (see illustration).
  • Mount fuel pump removal tool 3214 to fuel pump.
  • Using tool VAG-3214 turn pump clockwise until notch "C" lines up with mark "B" (see illustration), fuel pump engages.
  • Insure that the fuel level sensor is installed in it's original position.