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Tell me what the fuse diagram looks like for a 1997 audi cabriolet?

Customer Question

can someone tell me what the fuse diagram looks like for a 1997 audi cabriolet?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  marcpod replied 7 years ago.

Welcome here is a picture of one. For you on this model.

Fuse and Relay Identification

CAUTION: Before working on the electrical system:

  • Determine the correct coding for the anti-theft radio.
  • Disconnect the battery Ground (GND) strap.

Relay Identification

1 -Fog light relay -J5-
2 -Second speed coolant Fan Control (FC) relay -J101-
3 -After-run coolant Fan Control (FC) control module -J138-
4 -Headlight washer system relay -J39-
5 -Load reduction relay -J59-
6 -Heater fan relay-J11-
7 -Dual horn relay -J4-
8 -Open (see relay identification label on fuse/relay panel) or starter interlock alarm system relay -J60-
9 -Wiper/washer intermittent relay -J31-
10 -Fuel pump (FP) relay -J17-
11 -Coolant Fan Control (FC) relay -J26-

Fuse Identification

1 -Fog lights, rear fog light 15A
2 -Emergency flashers 15A
3 -Horn, heated seats 30A
4 -Clock, luggage compartment light, interior lights,
vanity mirror, cigarette lighter, board computer,

reading lights, automatic climate control, radio,

Auto-check system 15A
5 -Coolant fan 30A
6 -Parking, side marker and tail lights, right 5A
7 -Parking, side marker and tail lights, left 5A
8 -High beam headlight, right, and high beam
indicator light 10A
9 -High beam headlight, left 10A
10 -Low beam head light, right 10A
11 -Low beam head light, left 10A
12 -Instrument cluster, electronic thermal switch,
back-up lights, cruise control, board computer,
automatic transmission 15A
13 -Fuel pump 15A
14 -License plate light, engine compartment light,
glove compartment light,
luggage compartment light 5A
15 -Windshield wiper/washer, coolant fan, A/C,
turn signals, heated windshield washer nozzles 25A
16 -Rearwindow defogger, heated mirrors 30A
17 -Fresh air blower (automatic climate control) 30A
18 -Power mirrors 5A
-Power mirrors with power convertible top 25A
19 -Central locking system, heated door locks,
anti-theft alarm 10A
20 -First speed coolant fan, coolant fan after-run 30A
21 -On Board Diagnostic (OBD) 10A
22 -Open

Auxiliary Fuses

Note: Auxiliary fuses -S27-, -S28- and -S32- have a red cap marked "Motor/Moteur" to prevent accidental fuse removal

23 -License plate light with daytime running
lights (Canada only) 5A
24 -Convertible top control module 20A
25 -Heated Oxygen Sensor (H02S) 5A
26 -Trailer connector 30A
27 -Engine control I, (coil) 1OA
28 -Engine control II (injectors) 15A
29 -Brake lights 1OA
30 -Cruise control (auto. trans.) 5A
31 -ABS, differential lock 15A
32 -Engine control III (ignition coil output stages) 20A

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi there,


the image you sent me did not come through. could you resend it please?