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2006 audi a4: check engine light..the P R D N..dash display

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I own a 2006 audi a4. The check engine light has been turning on and off for about a week. When on, the "P" "R" "D" "N" are also ALL lit one the dash display, even while car is in Drive and in motion. Out of nowhere, the lights will go off, only to reappear on the next trip. Any ideas?

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The check engine light indicates that the car's computer has found a fault and stored it in the system. The fact that the P R D N are lit, indicates that the fact has to do with a transmission fault. You need to have an OBDII scan done on the car to find out what is triggering that light and what the car has stored.

You can get this scan done for free at any parts store. Simply ask for an OBDII scan and print out.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for responding. If I go get this diagnostic scan done, what if the light is off at the time (since it's sometimes on, sometimes off). Will the scan still tell me what the problems is? or do I need to get the scan done only when the check engine light is on?
You should have the scan done when the light is on, even tough it should be saved in the memory. You will be better off doing the scan with the light on.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

okay, the scan tells me output speed sensor. Can you tell me anything about the fix?

Thats what I figure it to be. That is the speed sensor which tells the car how fast the wheels are turning. It is mounted on the transmission, and when it goes out it make it seem like not all wheel are turning at the same rate. Which is why the check engine light comes on and the PDRN turns off/on
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