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David DeLeon
David DeLeon, ASE Certified Technician
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ESP, ABS and Suspension level warning light comes on and stay

Customer Question

ESP, ABS and Suspension level warning light comes on and stay on until I completely stop the car and restarts it again. When the drive starts the lights are immediately back on again.
During driving, the CruiseControl is not working at all.
Suspension level seems to operate normal on all driving levels and it seems to lock into jacking modus fine by pressing and depressing both switches at the same time.
ESP switch has no indication of making any difference beeing pressed. The warning light still on. Only making difference when car is started before driven or brake engaged.
Could this be related to a faulty brake switch or a ABS sensor?
Audi Allroad 2.5 TDI 2002 model.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  David DeLeon replied 7 years ago.
Are all four tires the same size? If not they can cause this. Now if they are all the same size you could have a faulty wheel sensor. You would need to have the vehicles ABS system scanned for fault codes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thanks for the answer, even though it did not help very much.


I have spend an hour or two fiddling with this and came to conclusion that it was in fact the brakesystem, but not the switch on the pedal which caused havoc with my warning lights.

After taking the brakeswitch out and meassuring the continuity on the switch, I found it was in good condition. I figured out that a faulty brakeswitch would most probably also would make the relay for releasing the tiptronic gearstick locked(red pedal light beside the stick), driver not beeing in able to operate the stick.(No brakelight, ESP and ABS warning lights and locked gearstick is a sure sign of faulty brakeswitch folksCool)


It was actually fuse no #13(brakes, checked it visually twice before meassuring itEmbarassed) that fooled me. Not easy to see that it was broken but meassured continuity, found it was gone to ****, changet it and ....voilaLaughing

I think,but I am not sure, faulty ABS sensor would still let the cruisecontrol operate???Undecided

Hopefully this can help someone else also as I have seen many postings about this problem....

Expert:  David DeLeon replied 7 years ago.
The cruise inop would not be caused by a faulty wheel sensor. There it could be a bad switch, a bad brake light switch (Already checked) a faulty clutch switch (manual trans) a bad throttle body and or throttle position switch, and a bad speed sensor normally if the speedo is working, this is not it. Also a faulty cruise switch. There is also a toggle on the ECM that needs to be turned on. If the ECM was changed or updated program installed, at times the cruise function could be turned off. If you scan the vehicle do any fault codes come up?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello David

As mentioned earlier....the no#13 brake-fuse was the bad boy so far...Wink

Have tested the car and everything seems to work fine now. Even the CruiseControl. Warning lights performs normal.


Came to think of it ... I drove towing a trailer yesterday and probably the brakelight circuit on the trailer has a little leak causing the fuse to slow-burn off right in the corner of the thread, making the broken fusewire almost impossible to visually detect broken, unless meassured. Will megg trailer later.


No ECM updates have been performed lately(since 8000 kilometers)


I have unfortunately no possibility to scan right now, but will asap.

Will return to forum when scan has been performed to update this string.

Thank you for now and good luck all you guys out there.


Expert:  David DeLeon replied 7 years ago.
OK sound good. Also just to double check the brake light switch, there should be 4 wires. Two are hot with the key on, and one side goes to the brake lights the other goes to the ECM, if the ECM side is now working or not getting power it can keep the cruise from working. Let us know what you find when you scan for further. Thank you.