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2002 A6 Quattro: warning light..temp gauge..oil pan twice..oil level

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2002 A6 Quattro 3.0, Have orange/yellow Oil Sensor warning light illuminated, and the oil temp gauge not moving...Have replaced the sensor at bottom of oil pan twice. Is that bottom-of-the-pan sensor for oil level or oil temp, or both?\ [email protected]
When this sensor was replaced, was it replaced with a part directly from Audi, or was it replaced with the aftermarket, Meyle-branded part?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Jeez, good question. It was an aftermaket part, put in by my local guy, but I don't know the brand. The dealer service tech (Hoffman Audi, East Hartford, CT) spotted it as an aftermarket replacement, and I told him to go ahead and change it, but he said that that particular aftermarket sensor should be just fine, and he didn't think it was causing the trouble. Maybe I'll get an Audi one anyhow and try that. My other source of confusion was that the same Audi Tech said this was for oil level, and that that's what the "Oil Sensor" light indicates. In fact, though, the low-level light uses a different icon, an oil-can with MIN, versus what I am seeing now which is an oil can and the words "Oil Sensor" . So I am wondering if there is a separate sensor for oil temperature. The Oil Temp gauge in the gauge cluster doesn't register anything. The needle doesn't move. Hence my question, does the oil-level and oil-temp use the same sensor assembly?

Yes, the oil level and oil temperature sensor are part of the same assembly. I'm also quite sure that only the dealer part has the oil temperature function built into it. I've tried 2 different aftermarket brands, and neither has the temp sensor.


Install the dealer part, and you'll be in good shape. Retail price is $90

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