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I have a 2002 A4 where the power windows will not go down (nothing

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I have a 2002 A4 where the power windows will not go down (nothing happens when any of the door switches are activated). Also at the same time the drivers door will not lock with the rest of the doors with the remote key. I checked the fuse panel and the the fuses look OK. The car manual references a circuit breaker for the power windows - where is it located? Are there any other fuses or relays that may have failed?

Any help in diagnosing this situation would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for choosing "Just Answer" for your Audi query. Yes, I can help you.


These are all functions of the central locking system.


This year/model is susceptible to water intrusion into the Central Locking / Anti-theft control module. I recommend you go into the trunk remove the panels or trim to access the right rear corner below the right tail light assembly. There you should find the control module. Inspect for water and or corrosion on the electrical connecters. Typically what happens is the seal at the taillight fails (previous collision?) and water gets in. If this is the case you may have luck taking the controller apart, drying it, and cleaning the electrical contacts. If it has been like this for awhile you may need to replace the unit. Be sure and water test the trunk before returning the vehicle to service.


If you do not find water intrusion to be the cause of your concerns, the controller's on board diagnostics should be scanned for trouble codes and the diagnosis would proceed as indicated by the trouble code(s) retrieved. I would normally do this as part of my initial inspection, but realize you likely do not possess a capable scanner to access the system.


I hope that I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Should you have any further questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask.


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Thank You!







Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did scan and after roughly six scans the scanner code was 1043 but the scanner book I have does not have any codes that start with 10. Do you know what this code number would mean.

When you say take apart the controller is this a tricky process? I also assume that I should just air dry the controller.

Do you have any idea what a new controller would cost and whether a dealer is the only place to buy one?

Minnesota winters can be hard on anything.

PS - I also get very poor reception on my Bose radio and am contemplating installing a roof antenna instead of the windshield antenna - are there any tricks to removing the radio so I can access the antenna input?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did send a follow-up reply but have not heard back yet. I have no problem paying the agreed upon amount if I get a good second reply.

Sorry for the delay. My online service is down and can't look up the code. I will opt out, perhaps one of the other experts like Audiguru can assist you. Audiguru did point out that I gave the wrong location for the control module. In 2002 the control module was moved under the carpet on the driver's side.


Thank You and sorry again for the delay.


Thank you Jake for the referral.


I will start with the antenna issue.

Look for cracks in the antenna and replace with updated part.

Pull down the rear part of the headliner. It is just clipped in.

Model Old Part No:------ New Part No:

8E5 035 225D ----------- 8E5 035 225S

8E5 035 225B ----------- 8E5 035 225P

View Full Image

Now for the module.

The fault you posted does not come up as a valid fault.

Now if we expect water then you need to pull up the front carpet in front of the driver seat and check. Start by removing the fuse box cover on the side of the dash. then Unclip the small trim piece that is in the same area of the cover on the A pillar. Next remove the lower A pillar. There is a small cover in the side. Remove the cover and the screw behind it. Next pull up the lower trim. Remove the left dead pedal. fold up carpet. You will see a black box. The module is in there. Check for water damage and get back to us.

AudiGuru, Master Guild Audi Technician
Category: Audi
Satisfied Customers: 371
Experience: Master Guild Audi / Master ASE Tech incl. L1 Advanced Level Diagnosis
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The antenna is on the back window. There is a long trim panel on the back of the headliner. Just pull that down.

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