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Audi A6: quattro..front wheel..the tires tread..persists

Resolved Question:

My audi A6 4.2 quatro has a problem with its front wheel alignment which causes terrible tire wear on the inside edge of the tire's tread. I have had a number of rour-wheel alignments done but the problem persists.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  AudiGuru replied 8 years ago.

It depends on how low the vehicle is with the aftermarket springs and your camber and toe angles.


If it is too low you can not correct camber and your wheels will lean in and wear the edges.


There is a aftermarket kit that allows more adjustment for camber.

About 1/2 down the page called CPP - End Links: Front Upper Control Arms (STREET/RACE) - 96-01 A4 / 00-02 S4 / 97-02 A6 - 4pc for $599.95


Easy to install but takes a long time to align. Find a good alignment tech that will take the time to make it right because you adjust 2 arms at the same time while counting the turns so you adjust them equally.


Besides this you can rotate the tires every 5k miles so they don't wear so fast. But these are wide tires and very unforgiving. The alignment needs to be dead on and the factory doesn't give enough camber adjustment to lower the vehicle.

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