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how do I remove the headlight assembly on my 2006 AudiTT C

Customer Question

how do I remove the headlight assembly on my 2006 AudiTT Coupe????
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  Jake replied 8 years ago.



Thank You for choosing Just Answer for your query. Yes, I can help you.


Headlight Housing, Removing And Installing

Note: Removal and installation procedure is identical for headlight housings with normal (halogen) and High Intensity Gas Discharge (HID) lamps.

CAUTION: Before beginning repairs on the electrical system:

  • Obtain the anti-theft radio security code.
  • Switch the ignition off.
  • Disconnect the battery Ground (GND) strap.
  • After reconnecting battery, re-code and check operation of anti-theft radio. Also check operation of clock and power windows according to Owner's Manual.


  • Always disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap prior to servicing any parts of the HID lamp system marked with the yellow "HIGH VOLTAGE!"symbol.
  • After disconnecting battery, briefly turn headlights on and off in order discharge any residual voltage.


  • Remove front bumper
  • Remove engine compartment trim,right/left.
  • Remove cover for headlight, left or right (press locking pin at the relevant spring clip, but not all the way through, and remove spring clip upward).




  • Unscrew 3 combi bolts -1- (tightening torque: 6 Nm ).
  • The headlight is just a press fit in retainer -3-. Retainer -3- is secured with combi bolt -2- (tightening torque: 6 Nm ).
  • Pivot headlight outward and pull out from retainer -3-.
  • Disconnect electrical connectors on headlight and remove headlight housing from opening.





Install in reverse order of removal, noting the following:

  • After installation, the headlight must be aligned flush with the contours of the bumper and body.
  • The adjuster screw provided for this purpose (dotted circle) is accessible from the front through the radiator grille.
  • Using a suitable tool -5-, loosen securing bolt -4-
  • Using a Phillips-head screwdriver -6-, turn adjuster screw -3- so that headlight lens -1- is flush with bumper -2-.
  • Tighten securing bolt -4- again.
  • Check/adjust headlights after installing.



I hope that I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Should you have any further questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be 100% satisfied with my answer.


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Thank You!


Expert:  Jake replied 8 years ago.

Front Bumper, Removing, Installing And Assembly Overview






  • Open engine hood.
  • Detach front part of wheel housing liner.
  • Remove screws - 3 - and take off securing strip - 2 -.
  • Remove screws - 14 - and - 16 -, then detach wheel spoiler - 15 -.
  • Release quick-release fasteners on wheel housing liners and noise insulation Fig. 2.
  • Remove screws - 17 - at bottom of trim from noise insulation.
  • Unscrew nuts - 11 - from inner side of wheel housing.
  • Loosen screws - 10 - and press guide profile - 12 - slightly downward.



CAUTION: If guide profile is not loosened, trim cannot disengage from retainers, and paintwork may be damaged.

  • Detach hose at connecting piece on vehicles with headlight washers.
  • Detach trim toward the front.

2-Securing strip
3-Combi screw

  • 6 Nm

4-Combi bolt

  • 35 Nm

5-Securing nut

  • Hold nut with open-ended spanner when tightening combi bolt - 4 -.

6-Cross-head bolt

  • For pre-assembly
  • Unscrew when removing bracket - 8 -.

7-Hexagon bolt

  • 35 Nm


  • Trim - 1 - and bumper - 5 - removed
  • To remove, unscrew bolts - 7 - and pull bracket out of longitudinal member


  • Trim - 1 - removed
  • To remove, unscrew combi bolt - 4 - and detach bumper

NOTE: Clips must be pressed into fender before installing bumper Fig. 1.



  • 1.5 Nm
  • Before detaching trim - 1 -, loosen screws so that retainers on guide profile - 13 - disengage from trim.

11-Hexagon nut with collar

  • 6 Nm
  • Only accessible after removal of wheel housing liner

12-Guide profile

  • Trim - 1 - engages in side of guide profile
  • To enable trim - 1 - to engage upon installation, press guide profile upward as far as it will go and tighten screws - 10 -.

13-Expanding clip

  • Expanding clips must be pressed into fender before installing trim - 1 - Fig. 1

14-Self-tapping screw

  • 1.5 Nm

15-Wheel spoiler

  • Detach before removing trim - 1 -

16-Self-tapping screw

  • 1.5 Nm

17-Combi bolt

  • 2.5 Nm



Fig. 1 Pressing in expanding clips

  • Before installing trim - 4 -, it is necessary to press clips - 2 - into fender - 3 -.
  • Tighten hexagon collar nut - 1 - to 6 Nm



Fig. 2 Detaching wheel spoiler

  • Unscrew Torx screws - arrow A - and 2 screws from underside.
  • To detach wheel housing liner, release quick-release fasteners - arrow B -.

Thank You!