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Thank You for requesting me. The heater core replacement is a fairly involved repair. It takes a seasoned tech five to six hours to replace. If you are up for the task, I will do my best to instruct you. I will cut and paste the instructions from my on line information source. Keep in mind these manuals are written for the professional technician and MANY details are omitted. The basic procedures are listed and you must figure out the how to details. It hass been some time since I have had the pleasure of doing one of these. I looked over the instructions and they look complete, but like I said, missing details. So here is what I have, why don't you look it over and as you go if you have any questions, let me know. Keep in mind that the A/C system must be discarded and charged. Not only is it illegal and bad for the mother earth, but I think R-12 is about $40 a pound (?). Here it is.


  1. Vehicles with audio coded antitheft system refer to Radio/Stereo, Service Precautions
  2. Disconnect battery cables and remove battery.
  3. Discharge and recover A/C refrigerant. Refer to Heating and Air Conditioning, Service and Repair Remove center vent/control panel.
  4. Remove instrument panel.
  5. Clamp heater hoses in engine compartment to prevent excessive coolant loss, then remove them from firewall. Cap hoses after removal.
  6. Remove refrigerant lines from A/C evaporator.
  7. Remove right side air plenum cover, outside air temperature sensor and mounting bolts; then remove air intake.
  8. Remove two nuts from firewall. One is located directly next to the heater hose fitting, the other is located several inches directly below the first.
  9. Remove vacuum hose from two-way valve.
  10. Remove water drain hose from heater/evaporator housing.
  11. Remove fuel injection control unit.
  12. Remove heater/evaporator housing from vehicle, then separate housing and remove heater core Fig.18 .
  13. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    1. If heater core does not lock firmly in place, secure with self tapping screws.
    2. Check Bowden cables for kinks and ease of movement prior to reinstalling heater/evaporator assembly. Replace if necessary.
    3. Torque A/C refrigerant lines to 12 ft. lbs . Ensure there is no tension on lines during reinstallation.
    4. When installing instrument panel, push hose from defroster duct up and into blower nozzles. Ensure fit is secure.
    5. Keeping side and bottom mounting screws loose, adjust gap between instrument panel and windshield to approximately 9/32 of an inch. Close front doors and ensure retaining tabs of trim panel fit behind edge of housing.
    6. Adjust instrument panel height to match that of door trim panels, then torque panel mounting screws to 4 ft. lbs .

Thanks again for requesting me should (when) you have any more questions for me on this matter, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be 100% satisfied with my answer.


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Thank You!




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