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What was the best year for the Audi Allroad in terms of ...

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What was the best year for the Audi Allroad in terms of reliability, please? I am considering the purchase of a '03 manual 6spd with 55K miles. One owner and complete history of repairs looks good and trouble free (VIN: WA1YD64B63N017473).

Am I in for inevitable electrical and air suspention problems no matter what, OR is 5 years plenty to reveal any kinks?

Thanks for the help.

- Rob

As a general rule, Audis seem to hold up very well. Sure there are problem with the leveling system, eventually on all of them that have it, but it's usually something like a line leaking where it goes into the strut...simple things like that usually, but if left un attended to they could turn into costly repairs.

As far as known problems on your car, the best thing I know to do in this situation is give you the list of recalls and TSB's on the car.

Just need to know if your engine is the 2.7 or 4.2? If you not sure about the engine size...Does it have turbo?

ase_master327 and other Audi Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to ase_master327's Post: It's the 2.7T 6spd manual. If the suspension comes out of aligned height across the 4 tires, is there something that will alert me to that specifically or is it just a general "maintenance" warning light? THanks.

you will get a warning light, if there is a problem in the system.

Anyways, here is the list I said I would give you. If you decide to get the car, keep it handy for future problems that might come up, then you can reference a number to the technician, that might help make things easier.

Also, if you know how many miles are on it, I can give you the next scheduled maintenance required for the car.

80020106/28/2002A/C - Fresh Air Control Lever Light Inoperative
37060809/22/2006A/T - Leaking At Sump Pan Gasket
32050210/25/2005A/T - MIL ON/DTC P17125 Stored in Memory
69060612/07/2006Airbag - Replacement Interval Change
01040404/20/2004Antitheft System - Code Retrieval
91041909/16/2004Audio System - CD Error (ERR) Message Displayed
91063212/06/2006Audio System - CD Playback Problems
91073308/10/2007Audio System - DTC 00858 Stored in Radio
91040504/01/2004Audio System - Knobs Broken/Missing
91073809/12/2007Audio System - Radio Antitheft Code Entering/Retrieval
91040704/20/2004Audio System - Radio, Code Retrieval
91061910/13/2006Audio System - Speakers Hiss With Audio OFF (Normal)
27020111/13/2002Battery - Correct Din Specification Necessity
00020308/01/2002Body - Paint Chip Repair Procedure
45050103/01/2005Brakes - ABS Activates Upon Light Braking
46050103/02/2005Brakes - Pulsation Diagnostic Guidelines
91063011/09/2006Cell Phone - Telematics V60 Digital Phone Diagnostics
91020909/27/2002Cellular Phone - Aftermarket Installation Caution
01061709/18/2006Computers/Controls - Software Update Instructions
19060103/10/2006Cooling System - Coolant Reservoir Appear to be Leaking
19060205/08/2006Cooling System - Leaks From The Auxiliary Coolant Pump
45060112/12/2006ESP System - Warning Lamp Flashes On Long Turns
90040108/09/2004Electrical - Cigarette Lighter Does Not Work
97060412/11/2006Electrical - DTCs, Sporadic - Contact Check
20030206/16/2003Emissions - EVAP Leak Detection Pump Quick Chec
26050104/19/2005Emissions - Loud Whining Engine Compartment Noise
17040612/13/2004Engine - Coolant Leak at Oil Cooler Hoses
17070808/07/2007Engine - Oils Meeting Audi Standards 502 00, 505 01
15070307/07/2007Engine - Rattle/Knock On Cold Start-Up (Normal)
21040107/30/2004Engine - Turbocharger Oil Leaks
15050311/02/2005Engine - Upper Engine Oil Leak Diagnosis
01070302/27/2007Engine Controls - Hesitation on Acceleration
01060301/26/2006Fuel - Driveability Issues Due To Low Quality Fuel
01030705/06/2003Fuel System - DTC P1127/P1129/P1557 Stored in Memory
00070904/19/2007Fuel System - Driveability Associated with Fuel Quality
20060302/17/2006Fuel System - Fuel Neutralization Procedure
01050406/09/2005Fuel System - MIL ON/Multiple Fuel Trim DTC's Set
01040103/26/2004Immobilizer System - Code Retrieval Information
94030105/19/200Instruments - Cluster/Illumination Configurations
70060512/05/2006Interior - Cleaning Tips for Fabrics,Vinyls and Plastics
57040208/26/2004Keyless Entry - Doors/Trunk Won't Unlock With Remote
94050404/25/2005Lighting - Exterior Lighting Moisture Accumulation
94060507/11/2006Lighting - Hazard Switch Binds After Replacement
94070202/26/2007Lighting - Headlamp Aiming Information
94071107/16/2007Lighting - Headlight Range Control Light ON/DTC's Set
NHTSA04V13300003/01/2004Recall 04V133000: Knee Bolster Cover Installation
69050101/07/2005Restraint System - 'LATCH' System Installation/Retrofit
69060712/15/2006Restraints - Airbag/Safety Belt Deployment, Inquiries
48060107/28/2006Steering - Power Steering Noisy
91073408/10/2007Telematics(R) System - Switching OFF Emergency Battery
44060106/01/2006Tire Monitor System - System Overview
64070405/17/2007Wipers/Washers - Windshield Wipers Streak or Smear


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to ase_master327's Post: 55.7K on the car to date. Thanks for that list. Next scheduled maintenance would be great and we can call it a night. (and I'll pay up!)

It's ALL good, I'm here to help.

Anyways, here you go!

Pretty good to go, at 60,000 it needs a good look over, a cabin air filter, and an oil change.

Brake Pad
Sunroof / Moonroof Track
Clean guide rails and lubricate with grease spray.
Data Link Connector
Check Diagnostic Trouble Code Memory. Purge if necessary, where applicable.
Road Test - Check braking, kick-down, steering, electrical, heating & ventilation systems, air conditioning, and power accessories.
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
Check for leaks.
Check electrolyte level. Add if necessary.
Brakes and Traction Control
Check for damage and leaks.
Constant Velocity Joint Boot
Check fluid level & add if necessary.
Differential Fluid - M/T
Check fluid level & add if necessary.
Check for leaks.
Exhaust System
Check for damage and leaks.
Inspect headlamps. Adjust if necessary.
Lighting and Horns
Check the lights.
Manual Transmission/Transaxle
Check for leaks. Check shift and clutch interlock.
Shift Interlock, A/T (Vehicle with Automatic Shift Lock (ASL).)
Check operation, including the park/neutral position switch (where applicable).
Steering and Suspension
Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends. Check tie rods.
Check condition and pressure, including spare.
Windshield Washer Reservoir
Check fluid level & add if necessary.
Cabin Air Filter
Dust and Pollen filter.
Engine Oil
Oil Filter, Engine
Service Reminder Indicators

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