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Glenda B.
Glenda B., Antiques and Collectibles Appraiser
Category: Appraisals
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my name is ******* ******** and I'm a collector of

Customer Question

Second opinion] <p>Hello my name is ******* ******** and I'm a collector of vintage and antique items. Recently I have been fortunate enough to find in a garage sale, this book is my pride and joy.<br>First edition of <br>Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, <br>By: Weston A Price DDS. <br>Signed and inscribed, <br>Dated June 22nd 1939<br>I've been told by one appraiser that it's the first copy (in 25 years of experience)<br>That has a signed first page. Plus all the others seen before are the 1942 (?) Copy of the Fourth edition. If you can Provide me with any information about the book or point me in the right direction would be great.</p>
<p>Attached is a few pictures of the Book.<br>Plus in closed in the Book was a news paper clipping about the author and the book, then on the 4 the edition.<br>Thanks for your time<br>Sincerely, <br>****** *********<br>Cell #*** *** ****<br>Or email me back @<br>***********************</p>
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Appraisals
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 11 months ago.

Good Morning,

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
3 simple questions about my book
How many a still available
Who's the book gifted to
Was the date before the release date
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Are u able to review the picture of the book I sent
Expert:  Glenda B. replied 11 months ago.

I happen to me a member of the Weston A Price foundation, have been a member for many years.

Yes, I can see the picture of the book.


I cannot answer those questions because there is no way to know how many books are out there, it is possible that many members of the Weston A Price Foundation have this book, but I would not know this. No one would.


The book is gifted to the person's name that is on the book, I do not know who that person is. I assume the way it reads it may have been someone who helped him with the book.


The book was released : Paul B. Hoeber, Inc Medical Book Department of Harper & Brothers
New York London Copyright, 1939, by Paul B. Hoeber, Inc.


That is the only first release date listed for this book. The Book on today's market is valued at around 750.00-850.00.

You might contact the Weston A Price Foundation they might be interested in this copy you have.



Customer: replied 11 months ago.
the book without a signature is $850, so the signed copy of this book is 10x that or is the $850.00 the estimated value.
Now as far as the number of first edition is few if any, as the library of Congress doesn't seem to have a hard back copy of the 1st, they have 4th and that's all they seem to have. As I haven't been to this library to confirm and I'm going off there web site information. I'm making a educated guess that if there is another copy, it's not available on any searches I've been able to do.
As a member of the foundation maybe you can ask the other members or the bird of directors if another copy is in there possession.
To coup out with an IDK answer is not acceptable.
You didn't answer any questions, copyright '39 is printed on the book, I wanted the actual calendar date. Or is that too difficult for a member of the foundation in with the author of this book is named after? These factors are relevant to the rarity and could make this book the first if the first edition that was gifted to a close associate so finding out who Mr. J.D Anthony is to Weston.
Maybe if I had the resources to do the things that I have already paid for I wouldn't be so demanding, just a few questions, it's not rocket science.......Now, the clipping about the author? Keep or not?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Not good enough for me, no questions asked have been answered and 3 different prices have been given to me and the "price" range from $10-$850.... So that's not consistent and I'm not satisfied with the service.