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LadyTanya65, Certified Appraiser
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Experience:  25+ years experience in Antiques, Certified Appraiser, Speaker, Member of AOA, Asheford Institute Antiques,and I am an Antique Researcher
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I have vintage Jeannette iris & herringbone pattern

Customer Question

I have vintage Jeannette iris & herringbone pattern glassware with ruby and lavender stained flowers and gold rims. Initially, I've found 7 tall water glasses, 7 wine goblets and 8 sherbet dishes. There may be more (I know that a sets of 8 are more valuable). I haven't unpacked all of the boxes. They appear to be rare. I've looked on eBay and done a basic web search. What might be their value and where would be the best way/place to sell them?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appraisals
Expert:  LadyTanya65 replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is***** am one of the expert appraisers here at just answer. I would be happy to help you. Please allow me to do some research and I will post back here shortly.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello: Thanks. There's no crisis. Anytime tomorrow would be fine. Dan.
Expert:  LadyTanya65 replied 1 year ago.

Hi Dan thank you

Expert:  LadyTanya65 replied 1 year ago.

Hello thank you for allowing me to research. The pattern you have is Iris-Ruby Flash Gold Trim. 7 tall water glasses these are $18.00 each, 7 wine goblets - $22.00 each and 8 sherbet dishes-$15.00 each. The pattern is hard to find and you may see the pattern At you may contact them also and see what they would pay and if they would be interested in buying the ones you have. Right now they have none in stock. Another good site for vintage/antique glassware is and the last two sites you place ads to sell your items. You also could try antique stores locally to your area. Some dealers buy items. It just depends on what they are looking for and none will pay value as they need to make a profit also. If I may help you further please let me know I am always happy to help. Thank you and when you have a chance please rate my answer as this is how I am paid from the site. Have a wonderful evening.