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I have a Mountain Dew bottle (never opened) from 1961 with

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I have a Mountain Dew bottle (never opened) from 1961 with the hillbilly and the cork being shot thru his hat. How much is that worth?

Diane in PA :

Hello, and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be helping you with your Mountain Dew bottle. Can I get your first name?


Diane in PA :

Are there any embossed marks (usually numbers) on the bottom? If so, please tell me what they are, including any spaces or "-" dashes. This is not always important or helpful, but sometimes it can be.



I really can't see what they are. I tried to take a photo to make it larger, but it is not very good.


Diane in PA :

That's OK. I'm off to do some research. I will get back with you later (soon). You will receive an email when I have an answer. Thanks for your patience!


Diane in PA :

How many ounces is this bottle? 12, 16, or 28?


Diane in PA :

or 7 oz



The bottle is a pint 16 oz.

Diane in PA :

OK, thank you.



i went and grabbed the bottle, so if you still need the info on the bottom I can get it for you.



I just read where you needed my first name. It is Colette

Diane in PA :

Hello Colette! Sure, I'll take all the info you can give me. Ounces, writing on the front, condition of the paint, and embossed numbers on the bottom. We'll git 'er done!



Was in meetings all day, sorry I am ready now.

Capital G in a box with 65 on the bottom. Possibly a small c backwards and L backwards.

Front of bottle-A farmer shooting a rifle towards a man running to an outhouse. at the top is a hillbilly with a cork going thru his hat. Says on bottle front; Made from flavors specially blended hillbilly style

Back of bottle_ smae hillbilly on the top half and on the bottom a bigger pic of him with the cork going thru his hat. It says, It'll tickle yore innards! Less than 1/10 of 1% benzoate of soda and us certified color added.


Diane in PA : Thanks! I'll have an answer for you tonight!
Hi Colette. My apologies for the 'slow-go' on this question, but when it comes to putting a value on these bottles, one small detail can mean a price difference of $10 or $400, so I thank you for your patience.

Mountain Dew was invented sometime In the 1940's by two brothers in Tennessee, by the names of Barney and Ally Hartman. The Brothers filed for and received a trademark on the now famous label. Their first intention was to create a mixer for "Mountain Dew", Tennessee Mountain Moonshine. Their product was first marketed in Marion, Va., and Knoxville and Johnson City TN. In 1951, Ally ordered the first Mountain Dew bottle. The bottle was green glass with white paint showing a hillbilly shooting at a revenuer running from an outhouse. For some reason, the bottles arrived, but were stored in a warehouse until 1955. A revised formula of the recipe was created in 1958.

In 1964, Pepsi acquired the then regional brand called "Mountain Dew".
In 1965 Pepsi launched it's first ad campaign, "Yahoo Mountain Dew. It'll tickle your innards".
In 1966, Mountain Dew gains more and more popularity with the new tag line, "Yahoo, Mountain Dew".
In 1973, The third Mountain Dew slogan was put out there, "Put a Little Yahoo in your Life".
In 1974, Pepsi ran it's first television ad, "Hello, Sunshine, Hello, Mountain Dew". There were several more ad campaigns through the years, as well.

The paint on the bottle is termed an ACL, or "applied color label". Yours would not be from 1961. It was made 1965, due to the "65" on the bottom, and the words "It'll tickle your innards", since that was the only year that was printed on the bottle. If the paint has not been scratched or damaged this will help in value, and condition means everything when it comes value.

The hillbilly Mountain Dew bottles that have value are the ones with names on them, for example, "FILLED BY ED BROUGHTON", and many others listed here:

Here are some pages with some examples of the old vs. newer bottles:


2). Name:  mtn+dew.jpg Views: 664 Size:  96.5 KB

3). Although 10 oz, a bottle sold on eBay for $306.01 not too long ago, and I've seen them as high as $450.

That's great that your bottle is still sealed, but because it doesn't have any "special" lettering such as names or "Trademark Regd", the value of yours would most likely fall in the $50-$100 range. It would really depend how many collectors see it and want it, along with the actual condition.

The hillbilly Mountain Dew bottles that have value are the ones with names on them, for example, "FILLED BY ED BROUGHTON", and many others listed here:

I hope I provided you with excellent service, Colette.

If so, kindly rate me by clicking a smiley face.

Otherwise, if you still need help, just reply to this message again.

I wish you the best with this. Have an awesome weekend! Laughing


- "Diane in PA"
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