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Tyler Z.
Tyler Z., Appliance Doc
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Tyler D I have a question for you on a GE profile fridge

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Hi Tyler D I have a question for you on a GE profile fridge Inverter with variable speed compressor. I am looking at now. the freezer was staying cold with fluctuating temps and still making ice. The fresh food temperature was fluctuating but warm temperstures.The temperatures in both sections have been going up and down with the freezer still staying cold though. I noticed the evaporator fan was not running and I checked the DC voltage and was getting 13.55 volts DC so I assumed the evaporator fan was toast. When I came back the evaporator fan was running. I had taken the door off prior to getting the fan and had exposed the evaporator and just stuck the door back on till I came back with the new fan. Then when I took the door off the fan was running that originally was not running. Also the evaporator frost had quickly disappeared on the evaporator making me think that there is a leak. Is it normal for the room temperature when it hits the evaporator on these units to quickly defrost like that or should the evaporator have stayed frosted fully with a normal frost pattern while I am diagnosing the fridge. The rear half from top to bottom is frosted but the front half from top to bottom had melted quickly.

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Morning D. These inverter compressors are different than normal compressors. You don't always have a full frost pattern. It could be something the inverter is just telling the compressor to do to slow down for a number of reasons, but if you found the fan not running, it sounds like the fan or the board is intermittent. I would replace the fan, clean the condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator by the compressor and hopefully that resolves the issue. If for some reason you still have a problem, you're looking at an issue with a control board board, but it doesn't sound like the inverter board is the problem if the compressor is still running (I've never seen an inverter board work intermittently) so I would think the main board is what is acting up.

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Customer: replied 22 days ago.
Ok Tyler Thanks Pal. I did that and all done . I will let you know how things came out thanks as always.