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Tylr D again. I have 2 questions for you on these whirlpool

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Hi Tylr D again. I have 2 questions for you on these whirlpool bottom mount refrigerators. The one's that are so common for having a faulty jazz board in them. I believe I will be replacing the Jazzboard on this after checking the heater and bi metal during diagnostic procedures. My question is for some reason I cant seem to find what the part # is for this models thermistor located in the freezer section?? I cant find it in the parts breakdown literature. The second question is for my general knowledge is , if a refrigerator has a bad electric air damper the evaporator should still have a normal frost pattern on it correct ??

Hello. My name is ***** ***** I'll be helping you with your appliance question today. Please wait a few moments while I review your question.

Afternoon D. So the refrigerator for the thermistor and freezer are the same part which is why they don't show the thermistor inside the freezer separately but you can get the same one that shows up in the refrigerator section and that is also used for the freezer.

The evaporator should be lightly frosted from top to bottom whenever it's trying to cool whether it has an electronic damper or a manual damper. That doesn't affect the frost pattern at all.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
ok Thanks Tyler your right I didn't think of looking into the fresh food compartment breakdown for its thermistor. I even went through repair's parts list for this model and could not come up with one there either. great I will go back into the sears site and see if I can find it in there. Thanks for that general question on the damper also. Thanks T for getting back and talk soon buddy.

No problem, I can look up the part if you want to send me a model number, but if you're getting a defrost issue, that thermistor isn't going to have anything to do with the issue.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
ok good to know . Tyler when there is an issue with a thermistor in any fridge, is there a tell tale sign that is common that points to the thermistors and the problems they cause. I believe they do control the dampers and tell them when to open and close I think

Sorry, I just saw you gave me the model number awhile ago. So that thermistor comes with the entire wire harness in the refrigerator and it's part number 12868701. But again, the only reason to order and replace this is if the evaporator is lightly frosted from top to bottom (like it should be) but the temperature is off.

The refrigerator thermistor is what controls the damper assembly, but again, the only time to consider the thermistor being out of range is when the evaporator is lightly frosted from top to bottom (like it should be) but the temperature is off inside the refrigerator. To know whether the damper is bad or the thermistor is bad, you'd need to test the thermistor at room temperature and it should be 10k ohms.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
ok thanks got it. so that harness is just for the freezer section wiring above the evaporator in the back of the freezer, which comes with the freezer thermistor.. And depending on which section is warm along with the frost pattern of the evaporator that will tell me it may be a problem with the freezer thermistor or the fresh food compartment thermistor. I get that now (if the frost pattern is normal and temperatures are off , then the thermistors may come into play with temperature issues) If the evaporator is totally and mostly iced up and blocking the air flow then it will have nothing to do with either thermistor because it becomes a defrosting issue at that point. So I would do the usual check of the bi metal and heater which if both are good then it will just be the jazz board that needs replacing. I do realize that mechanically the damper may be an issue also along with the evap. fan. But I do have a greater understanding of thermistors and now that you explained it , its actually quite simple when I think about it. Thanks T I think I have changed many thermistors in the past when I have changed boards because it was easy and they were not so expensive. I probably will not be changing them so much now when it comes to a defrosting issue in a fridge now.

So the part number I gave you was for the REFRIGERATOR wiring harness. You'd have to contact a parts store to look up the one for the freezer because it's not listed.

As for defrost issues and thermistors, thermistors can cause a defrost problem but only when it's a defrost thermistor which is clipped onto the copper coil going to the evaporator at the top of the evaporator---this refrigerator doesn't have one of those. It just uses a bi-metal thermostat only.

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Customer: replied 26 days ago.
ok got it. I get that also T. thanks and have a good night man